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In Topic: Increase aircraft aging speed

16.04.2018 - 10:13

I could see Khoianh's idea working, if it were coupled with pinto_97's idea of changing how image works, so that image (and therefore ORS) depends much more on the age of the aircraft interior rather than the age of the aircraft


In other words:

  • the maintenance cost of aircraft increases more quickly than at present, creating an incentive for players to update their fleet and increasing the depth of the second-hand market; and
  • the image of an aircraft's interior degrades over time, but can be refreshed by refurbishing/replacing the interior - this could address Chrisy_P's concern about 757 and 767s being completely destroyed on ORS, when clearly there are plenty of examples of airlines refurbishing their vintage planes and providing popular services (DL and QF's 717s are another good example).

Naturally, you could tweak these ideas to make them work more smoothly in practice. For example:

  • you could adjust maintenance costs, so that they increase in a somewhat exponential fashion rather than linearly, such that there isn't much of a penalty for owning an aircraft that is 12-24 months old but the cost starts to climb more rapidly after that, and/or taper the cost increase off after a while to address TWAAir's point about 255-year old aircraft;
  • you could determine the image score based on some combination of airframe and interior age, reflecting the reality that even well-maintained elderly planes tend to be less reliable;
  • you could tweak the delivery rates for aircraft - although airlines already hit a cap on their growth rate once they max out their delivery rates, so this isn't a new problem.

Taking a step back from the detail of the proposal, the reality is that AS already distorts reality by dramatically increasing the profitability of airlines. In my mind, it is a good idea to offset that hyper-profitability in other ways, to produce a simulation that more realistically reflects the challenges that airlines face in maintaining their profitability. In my mind, the right question to ask is whether those changes reflect real-world challenges that airlines face. I think that having to deal with an aging fleet is a realistic, real-world challenge, and so would be a good change.

In Topic: Flight Attendant assignments

29.09.2017 - 09:56

Well, if we are at it then, maybe we should also start thinking about having double crews on very long flights, the requirements for overnight stays, etc. That would increase the required crews drastically, though by planning your flights properly, you might be able to save big amounts too.


I would strongly support including a calculation for multi-crew requirements for ULH flights, even if it was a bit crude. At the moment, the game strongly incentivises flying planes to the limit of their range, to maximise the margin on the flight. In reality, that's pretty unrealistic, because of all of the extra costs, unless you can command a hefty premium for shorter/non-stop flights.

In Topic: Flight Attendant assignments

28.09.2017 - 13:44

I think it's a fair point. The choice of how many attendants to put on a particular flight is much more about service quality than it is about the LOPA for the plane. It would be more logical if flight attendants formed part of the in flight service options, rather than cabin configuration. It would also give players more options to distinguish between low cost and full service, which will be important under the new passenger model.

That said, I'm not sure how much of a difference it'll make to the overall cost/profitability of a flight. And itight make managing airlines more complex, for limited gain.

Possibly a nice-to-have for the future?

In Topic: All business airlines

26.09.2017 - 23:49

It can be hard to make work, for similar reasons to in real life - you need to fill an entire aircraft worth of Business seats; your competitors will often only need to fill 20-30% of their floorspace, and can cross-subsidise from their economy cabin when competition gets tough. You'll likely have fewer online connection options, because only do many routes can support a full load of Business passengers.

The way that ORS works at present makes it a bit harder, because it more or less shares passengers between flights with the same score and caps at a maximum of 100 - once competition heats up, it becomes very hard to fill an entire cabin.

In Topic: Floating market prices of airplanes !?

13.05.2017 - 15:16

Sorry for the misunderstanding, AK! And thank you for clarifying. I agree entirely.