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In Topic: Realistische Flugzeugtypen

08.12.2018 - 20:42


Habt ihr andere Info,  ...?




Nein, aber die AS´sche 739 ist nun wirklich ein alter Hut und schon hundert mal diskutiert worden.

In Topic: Trouble starting international flights

06.12.2018 - 20:54

Well, I guessed that with 790 flights per week was enough to handle inter flights... .


The number of weekly flights - stand alone - is a really poor indicator.

The question is more like: "when do those flights leave? Do they leave in waves? Are feeders arriving in time (waves) and from proper headings?

Worst case scenario: 790/week (daily, short to medium distance) spread throughout the day with a 50% chance of proper heading leaves you with much less ORS relevant connections than a well organized schedule with far below 100 weekly flights.

Looking at your schedule, I can hardly find any suitable feeder for your 1700h departure to SCL.

In Topic: A321neo LR

05.12.2018 - 10:23

Zur Info: Bei Arkia fliegt der erste A321LR seit mindestens 28.11.2018 im Liniendienst.

Quelle: https://www.flightra...ircraft/4x-agh#

Ich hoffe, dass die Implementierung ins Spiel schneller geht als auf Supportanfragen geantwortet wird (somit hätte AS ja noch einen Monat Zeit).

Nur weil die Kiste bei FR24 angezeigt wird bedeutet das noch keinen Liniendienst. Beachte die sich wiederholenden Flugnummern: ein klarer Hinweis auf Trainingsflüge. Ab Sonntag dann sollte die Kiste mit Paxen nach BCN gehen.

In Topic: Domestic trunk routes. Is a Wave format needed?

23.11.2018 - 22:09

Why is "a direct pax a bad pax"?

In small countries there is no choice, you can´t offer direct flights between two other countries. In this case 70-80% connecting pax is a good value. But when playing in the US, the EU or China, with more than 50% connecting pax I would think about offering direct flights for the busiest destinations. Every direct flight is a strong argument against your competitors.

Generally, the more directs you have the less controllable (calculable) your hub gets.
In case of the aforementioned hub: 2% directs from/to the hub equals to 2% unsalable seats on the feeder/connector. It's a traffics rights thing there.

Of course, on relatively new and still growing servers like Hoover this is less relevant. Wild scheduling, relying on directs with max utilization of air frames often yields the best profit. But give the server more time or try to enter an old grown server with such approach and things might (will!) be different.
It of course also strongly depends on where you start your airline. But particularly in the EU Treaty it is hard without some schedule structure.

But I think we're going a bit off topic now.

In Topic: Aircraft purchasing from market

23.11.2018 - 21:21

So there's 12mil a week in interest? How is that even possible. Wow. 


At a downpayment of 6m I'd estimate your weekly interest rate to roundabout 10%.


People often miss what's written to the top right of the traders page: "Your current interest rate for aircraft purchases is x.xx%. Note that weekly interest payments have to be added on top of the loan installments stated in the offers!"