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In Topic: Sparrow Group Media Relations

04.12.2018 - 22:38

Omg I love Evita so much!

In Topic: To interline or not to interline, that's the question

04.12.2018 - 22:30

I usually say yes! I have always believed in interlining with competition so that can't stop me. What can stop me is cost. If I fly a few flights to a place and the IL costs over 100k its way cheaper just dropping the flight. Though you never want to make enemies so just send a nice letter saying why you cant interline at the moment but you are of course open to future collaboration. Others who I usually won't interline directly are with new airlines who I don't believe will make it. If the IL makes sense I will just wait a month or two and then sign it. Or depending on the size of a market and the personal relation to a partner I won't IL with his competition. If I have a good friend in the EU I probably won't IL with his competition out of respect. Though if I don't know the people I would try to IL with everyone in a market. Alliances might also have exclusivity agreements which cant be broken!


One rule, never cancel an IL if not out of extreme desperation! For me, it was extremely rude when players canceled as I had to change schedules and slots were usually tight.

In Topic: QUIMBY VIII: What the heck is going on??

01.12.2018 - 13:54

Member since 8th of November. This year.


It's even worse if new players say such things because they haven't fallen in love with this game as we have. I'm a member since 25th of October 2014 and share the same feelings. 

In Topic: Black Friday

23.11.2018 - 16:57

So some deals have been shaping up. Huawei (all options MateBook X Pro for 1650€ and M5 10.8 for 300€) and Samsung (S8 for 400€ and S9 for 520€), deals have gotten pretty good so I bought a M5 for my mum. There are also some good TV, Speaker and component deals but nothing to brag about.  Though LEGO deals have been fantastic with Toys R Us having 60% off and as most others price match so those prices can be found everywhere. Otherwise, clothes and most "normal" things barely have discounts.


@uzkt01 I get your point but if these are things you buy anyway then why not spend less on them? I personally don't at all like the shopping rush at black Friday. Some shoppers just buy anything that's in their way as for example when I went buying my LEGO today (some for my self but most as Christmas gifts) a deal which was just about 10% off (obviously marketed differently) was selling like butter while the actual 50% - 60% off deals where barely touched.


The AS deal might make me buy some credits again, who knows? :D

In Topic: Battle for Indonesia

18.11.2018 - 15:34

Great job playing my beloved Indonesia! After having held a monopoly of it for 2 years here is some advice for success:


  • Throw anything at grabbing as many slots as possible before anyone else can (No slot blocking, obviously). Afterwards, start a subsidiary with a good image and gradually transfer flights there.
  • Have the highest possible price in the beginning. Afterwards, switch to the highest possible rating. 
  • FLY TO AUSTRALIA! And connect it to the Middle East and China! That's where the money is. I had about 50 A350s and a ton of A320s flying just to Australia. There is so much traffic if you have good partners and a very competitive rating.
  • Direct domestic traffic works at any time but creates very good waves for Australia flights (otherwise they don't work). So snatch all slots around your waves. They will be very useful in the future.
  • Connecting Australia doesn't have to be through CGK. KNO, DPS, UPG and SUB work just as well.
  • Don't bother connecting domestic through CGK. Due to the low amount of slots, they are way more valuable for medium and long haul. Just fly with narrowbodies from everywhere to everywhere.
  • HAVE THE BEST POSSIBLE RATING! Otherwise, you will never be able to go International where you have strong connecting competition. 
  • SIN and KUL slots are extremely important! Don't let airlines from those places snatch your traffic.
  • Don't bother flying to India, the Philippines and Thailand. Flights barely get filled. Only fly there if you have Australia traffic to connect. 
  • Fly big planes through CGK (A380, A350, 747 or 787) and schedule them perfectly to fit waves then have narrowbodies doing the off wave times. Without the big planes, you will never be able to get the connections necessary for the very lucrative Australia, Middle East and China flights. 
  • UPG HAS INSANE DEMAND TO EVERYWHERE! Throw planes to any domestic place and they will get filled with good ratings.
  • You can throw anything on CGK-SUB, SUB-DPS and it will get filled.
  • Fly a bunch of point to point. I had over 100 A320s flying random point to point. 
  • Don't bother flying to Europe or Africa. Those planes would make way more money to Australia. Fly there only when your closer markets are covered.
  • Don't bother flying regional. There is so much demand so narrowbodies can easily be filled. If you cant fill a narrowbody the route is worthless. 


Good luck everyone! Remember that only 2 types of players will survive the battle. The biggest and the one with the best rating. Being medium sized with a bad rating will get you killed.