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In Topic: How Are Airlines Cheating Now?

13.04.2018 - 20:20

Why is that absurd? I am self employed. I have a number of customers. The amount of money I make from my customers varies. Is it absurd to believe that I may tend to treat those customers who pay me more than others a little differently? Really absurd? Again, I'm not saying it is happening here. But the idea is far from being absurd. It's just capitalism.

Government pays your revenue = equal fantastic customer treatment.

In Topic: Tianjin Sky

11.04.2018 - 22:28



A troubling news just reached Tianjin Sky. The CEO Mr. Christian Pålsson decided to cut staff wages by 1 million dollars per week meaning that each member of staff will get on average 50 dollars less per week. To further mark his harsh rule on the company he had to sadly terminate employment of 500 CSeries pilots as the plane type is exiting the fleet. As the employees are revolting he said in a statement


"Tianjin Sky has been paying way to high salaries for way too long. In order to stay competitive and match the salaries of other Global Group carriers we need to cut the absurd Tianjin Sky salaries. It would be unfair to pay this much at Tianjin Sky while Indo, CBE and American employees receive less. For the Cseries pilots there was nothing to do. we could not have kept them around doing nothing thereby their employment had to be terminated as their job was unnecessary. It is against Global principles to terminate staff but in this specific situation we had nothing to do. In anticipation of a massive strike we have called in 10,000 Indo Employees to cover. Just as Baroness Thatcher did when the miners striked, we will do nothing. If our staff strike they need to know that any member of staff is always welcome to leave at any time, although you wont find better working conditions anywhere else than at Global."


We took the Golden opportunity to introduce a brand new Staff Uniform to mark a new era for Tianjin Sky reflecting the Chinese spirit. This beautiful uniform embodies Chinas class but also give a contemporary view of the new and growing China.



In Topic: Tianjin Sky

11.04.2018 - 14:24



A plan has finally been established for the future of Tianjin Sky! The CEO is fairly confident of a complete retirement of all MD80s within the next 6 months. For the time being all leased MD80s have been returned and some of the owned ones are starting to be offered for lease. We will be a great leasing provider and we hope to offer our great planes all around the world. In the time being the MD80s are being slowly retired by A320s. We have also replaced all CS100s with A319s in order to remove a maintenance category thereby freeing up for the future. We have also choose to expand at Tianjin and opening a new base at Kunming. We hope to better our service and improve our world wide reach!

In Topic: More Pricing Options

10.04.2018 - 13:13

This idea seems great but AS doesn't work this way exactly. A higher price will decrease your ORS, which might not fill your flights. The best thing is add capacity not increase price. 


2000th post by the way!

In Topic: Texas Western Newswire

10.04.2018 - 11:37

Love the realistic packages on the website. Great job!