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#111552 Request for return of a leasing return

Posted by CBE on 15.07.2018 - 01:02

I have lost 10 A380s which where completely full at extremely slot tight airport cancelled by the lessor. They were in nowhere excessively cheap and they were from one of the largest companies on the world. This cost me million in lost loads across the network plus the extremely expensive seats on those planes and the fact that i count recover most of those slots. 


Nowadays I only have close friends as leassors as I simply don't trust others. I suggest you also built relationships with your lessors. You won't just get cheap leases but you will also develop trust in each other. For a lessor there is nothing better than a trustworthy leese and for a lessee there is nothing better than a trustworthy lessor. 

#111133 Hello! - Looking for some more specific advice. / A rant about My first f...

Posted by CBE on 29.06.2018 - 12:36

Regarding competition: With the right pattern and profile, you can compete with everybody.


Or dont compete at all, be friends instead. Our collaboration in China helps everyone as does my collaborations in the US. Previously I was also for competition and no IL and no alliance partner to IL with competitors and all that rubbish but ultimately AS is a game and we are here to have fun and make friends. Some people just take this game too seriously and competitor hostilities can be worse than in the real world. 


@highscore Ones upon a time when we were competitors both of us where very hostile towards each other and it was so wrong. We should have had IL instead. I am so sorry for that. 

#111130 IPO Question

Posted by CBE on 29.06.2018 - 08:55

You have less equity than what you have started with. If you are profitable you should be able to build back that amount. Though it means that you have been loosing some money somewhere that aren't investments (seats, leasing deposits, etc) as they are still calculated as equity. As you are profitable I wouldn't worry. 

#111129 Hello! - Looking for some more specific advice. / A rant about My first f...

Posted by CBE on 29.06.2018 - 08:32

As a beginner I generally suggest to try to avoid competition as much as possible but dont be scared by it. You will always have competition on connections anyways. I have previously mentored players who where so scared on competition that they didn't dare to start in a place where there where 1000 departures by someone who didn't know what he was doing. You just need some relative peace to try to develop a model. When you have done that you can come to EU, US and China and be like "Whatup" and just own the place.


Personally, my first carrier was in Sweden and even though there fairly was any competition in the big places I was so scared of competition that I flew around LETs and Saabs between two bar airports just to avoid the slightest competition. Thankfully my fantastic mentor (you know who you are) told me to stop this prop rubbish and get some jets and attack the core routes by offering a better product. I was like "No, I have tried those routes with Saabs and it failed, how will I fill A320s on those routes?" and he was like "There is competition but as long as your product is good you will fill your planes". I got an A318 and to my surprise it was completely full, it was also fairly profitable. Later on I upgraded to an A321 and to my surprise it was also doing good between high competition routes such as ARN-OSL and ARN-CPH. After wards my second fantastic mentor (you also know who you are) told me that "Ok now you have a good competitive product but you also need to make money".  This got me thinking of actually developing my golden formula (which I didn't steal from others like some people). I choose a type of seat and went out to experiment to find the max price point to keep a 99 ORS, this is when I realised that Rubio and I use the same formula. After having a proven formula I found an opportunity in Malaysia and went straight into the cut throat competition and due to my superior ORS and fantastic profitability I was able to monopolise the market during some the worst AGEX. Dont know why I wrote this but just tried to tell my story, it might help.


I disagree that you aren't ready for some serious competition, just that I wouldn't use your seats. I would suggest you give the cut throat markets a try, you seem to do great in Turkey so it cant be much worse? Just make sure to have partners, partners are everything. Even your biggest competitor could be a great partner. Personally I partner with ALL competition in China and my biggest competitors in US, it greatly helps all of us. It isn't worth it to try to do everything yourself, just egoistic. 

#111124 Hello! - Looking for some more specific advice. / A rant about My first f...

Posted by CBE on 28.06.2018 - 23:37

I will simply review your four starter Criteria as I dont have the time to write anything longer, but I am sure some better supporter will. 


+ No competition for domestic flights. Seriously, is this what you are looking for? Sure this might be a must in some small demand places but others you will never get away from competition. If you are looking for no competition at all you will barely find an suitable existing place. Even if you find one domestic route without competition you will still need to compete on others to get the feed to fill that one route. I know most people say in tutorials to start small and stuff but you will never be able to have an airline on a larger scale in small places. Sure it is important to learn the game somewhere calm but to really get big you need to fight in China, US, Europe, etc, and it will be impossible to avoid competition in these places. Also when you have a good strategy with good ORS you can compete with how many other airlines you possibly want and still get the passagers. I for example penetrated the headquarters of the biggest airline on Stapleton and surprisingly I am able to get good loads only because of my perfect ORS. 


+ Not part of any treaty. Again, I am not really for playing a monopoly because it gets me bored. Also being part of a treaty (EU) means that you have the whole continent to play with greatly broadening your reach. An airline in Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Japan or Brazil can be very large but never match a large (10 million pax per week) EU, China or US carrier. China and US aren't treaties but they are still hypermarkets which is the same thing in my topic here. 


+ Does not have unrestricted market access. This one is fairly obvious. You certainly dont want to start in one of these markets as you will always have bigger fish fighting you. If you really want to play in one of these markets then launch a holding elsewhere in a closed market and found a sub here. Launching a holding in an unrestricted market is pure stupidity. 


+ Have at least a couple medium sized airport with demand etc. This is a great point, but is fairly hard to comply with the first point if thinking about this one. You just got to know that competition doesn't matter as long as you have slots. Neither is this a necessity if you are part of a treaty or never plan to be very large. You could for example run a fairly decent size carrier in Singapore although you will never be able to go huge due to the slot restraint. You could in the same way launch a carrier in China and never expand to a second hub.


To summarise as a newbie I would go to some small remote place to learn the game and then try to attack a hyper market. Although I would never really pay attention to any other point the third one. 

#111048 Tips to grow at initial stage

Posted by CBE on 24.06.2018 - 13:25

200k profit is nothing and it will almost be impossible to grow with it. I suggest you work up that margin to atleast 30% which would give you 600k which is a reasonable amount to grow with. As you are in Cairo you need to make sure that you offer good ORS and just fly the trunk routes p2p which should be enough to generate a decent profit to grow a hub in Cairo. As these are p2p and you have 5 CRJ1000 I think you could make atleast 1 million per week which would greatly help you scale. When your p2p loads start dropping then go to build a hub. When I launch in  fairly uncompleted market I always make sure to have a good source of cashflow before starting to build connections. This does not mean that a hub system wont pay off well, which it certainly can but it is just harder. 

#110623 Succeeding on an old server

Posted by CBE on 03.06.2018 - 16:32

Ofcourse it is possible to start on an old server. I made over 8 million dollars in my first week on an old server.

#110409 Single player game?

Posted by CBE on 26.05.2018 - 20:39

There's a great free game on alpha called The Airline Project. Receives constant updates.


The Airline Project does in no way compare to the level of realistic detail that AS has. As a paying customer I must agree the some updates would be nice, especially since AS is a subscription service.

#110283 Tips on filling the seats?

Posted by CBE on 22.05.2018 - 17:18

Israel is probably one of the hardest places for a beginner, especially as you don't seem to yet know how to wave schedule. 

#110125 Global Group Common News

Posted by CBE on 13.05.2018 - 12:48



The Global Group congratulates Netta on winning the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. The song is certainly spectacular, although very questionably musical characteristics with various chicken noises used the song is generally very happy and very good. The CEO is proud to announce it will be used for now on as official Global Group boarding music throughout the whole group. Sadly we will have to end our Seinabo sey campaign after just a week to interrupt with this fantastic song. The CEO expressed in Statement "I hated the song after a friend of mine showed me it but after listening to it 3 times I have completely fallen in love. In an unexplainable way the song makes me feel happy as soon as I hear it. When watching the Eurovision I was scared that Austria or Sweden would win which both are songs that did not deserve the trophy. The song somehow reminds me of my favourite ever Eurovision song being Ukraine's 2007 "Lasha Tumbai". I do greatly question the chicken noises but I absolutely love Netta's song."



And the CEO's favourite Lasha Tumbai!

#110124 Advantages of subsidiaries?

Posted by CBE on 13.05.2018 - 12:28

To further add a couple of examples:

  • Operating in a different country or having a different approach. For example if I want to operate in another country I can't do it with my main carrier.
  • Because I do not have the time to micromanage I prefer offering exactly the same throughout my carrier so that i can price everything at the same price point. If I for instance want to be running an even more luxurious product I need a different carrier.
  • I might have a different carrier if i want more long haul ILs. An IL with IndoSky costs at least 250,000 AS$ per week (that both have to pay), if I for example offer a weekly flight to a destination neither my partner or myself will recover the cost, thereby I can use a subsidiary which has significantly cheaper IL costs.  

#110057 Global Group Common News

Posted by CBE on 08.05.2018 - 16:58



As the first Semi Final for Eurovision is happening today the CEO of the Global Group is very happy to congratulate all participants in this fantastic contest. The CEO himself is a huge Eurovision fan having attended multiple Grand Finals with the first one being when he was just 7 year old. This year is a further special time as the contest in hosted in Lisbon which is one of the CEO's favourite cities. He takes every opportunity he has to visit Lisbon as many times as possible (even if it for only 1 hour). Lisbon is also home to one of his favourite restaurants being Maria de Carmo which he always tries the hardest to go to on any layover in Lisbon. Due to the CEO´s personal affection for the Eurovision and Portugal Global Group has dispatched 100 flight attendants to hand out 1000$ Global Vouchers throughout the city and at the contest. This will in total cost the company 10 million dollars but the CEO believes it to be huge marketing attempt to allow festival goers to find these vouchers throughout the city. Flight attendants from all Global assets will be present at the contest appropriately dressed in their uniforms being there to enhance the party. Global Group is the official airline sponsor of the Eurovision! May the best entry win!

#110042 Volume or variety?

Posted by CBE on 07.05.2018 - 12:43

Variety! I would always connect an airport to all main airports of the country. Why should I leave any routes to my competitors?


Another question is frequency vs. larger aircraft. Higher frequency gets more bookings (that´s how AS works); but larger aircrafts often have lower per-seat costs.


6 flights a day also works for 4-bar or even 3-bar-airports - depends of the country where you are playing.


As long as your flights are full and it doesn't matter, you will sooner or later be running out of slots (don't intentionally slots block because we will chase you). It is better if you have 3000 flights per week that are full than having 2000 perfectly waved flights with your competitor having 1000. Sure you will need waves when you go long haul but sometimes you can make much more money domestic than Long haul. For example in China I fly 6000 A320 and A321 flights per week with no whatsoever wave structure and I fill them at 90%. How you may ask? It is all about collaborating with competitors and offering a superior service to attract the extreme domestic demand. What I have experienced especially in China on Stapleton is that we all IL with each other, everybody are friends and we are better able to cover the market and fill our planes. This is in great contrast to the US on Stapleton where I need perfect wave and fantastic connections to fill my planes. There is also the difference that in the US there is one player dwarfing all us other but in China we pretty equally sized. So my suggestion is don't try to steal from your competitor but be friends with them and you both will fill your planes. 

#109985 Global Group Common News

Posted by CBE on 03.05.2018 - 09:04

Thanks, I beg to differ about Tianjin logo as differing from the other ones it got a serious explanation written by the companies founder and creator of the logo.



"Tianjin Sky's logo, which consists of the company name in Chinese characters and the stars forming the aquarius constellation, was inspired by one of the stories for the origin of the city’s name, that it honors a former name of the Girl, a Chinese constellation recorded under the name Tianjin in the astronomical section of the Book of Sui,the official history book of the Sui Dynasty (A.D 581-618). The Girl mansion one of the mansions of Chinese constellations has an equivalent version in the european constellation, that is the Aquarius constellation, found in the airline's logo."

#109943 Global Group Common News

Posted by CBE on 01.05.2018 - 14:35



Global Group is a worldwide leading airline holding company flying 5 million passengers per week which is 3.5% of the global market. Together with our substantial ownership in the words largest cargo company together with our own cargo operation we hold about 4% of the global Cargo market. We operate 4 main division with further minor divisions within our group. We employ over 100,000 people and operate over 1500 new jet aircraft. Our Global divisions are:




American Sky which operates in the united States with hubs at New York La Guardia, Las Vegas, Orlando, Seattle and Denver with further focus cities all across the nation. American operates a fleet of over 400 brand new A320 series aircraft with over 21000 staff. American is a Unity Skies member and a joint venture with DC Air.




IndoSky is the main airline of the Global Group and is where everything started. Indo operates across Asia with hubs in Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar, Uljung Padang, Medan, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Together with our Regional carrier Indo Express we fly 3 million passengers per week using a fleet of 500 brand new A320NEO family machines, 100 state of the art A350 XWBs and 100 brand new mega jumbo A380s. We employ over 70,000 staff across our whole network. IndoSky is also a large Terminal operator operating the best of the best in terminals across all continents. We are a proud Unity member.




Tianjin Sky is the latest addition to the Global Group. The airline was recently purchased together with Tao Aviation Services and works closely with Tao Air Beijing and Blue Management to dominate China. Tianjin Sky operates hubs in Tianjin, Kunming, Urumqi and Changsha Huanghua and Haikou. After complete Global assimilation as been achieved we will operate a fleet of 500 brand new A320NEo machines and lease out 140 MD80s. Tianjin Sky employees 24000 staff and proudly flies in Unity!




CBE Airways operates a state of the art fleet in Barbados with a sizable transatlantic operation!