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Happy New Year!

31.12.2017 - 18:23

Happy New Year everyone! Let's blow up a ton of fireworks (to bad it rains here, would have enjoyed it more otherwise)!

Global Banking Corporation

20.12.2017 - 01:26



The Global Banking Corporation (GBC) is the second largest entity of the Global Group and also the most unknown one. Global Banking Corporation is the banking and leasing provider of the Global Group headquartered in Monte Carlo. The Global Banking Corporation offers attractive leasing deals for many different aircraft types. We currently lease out over 1.5 billion dollars worth of aircraft to both Global Group carriers and exterior parties. Our staff work hard each day from our beautiful head offices on the riviera to find the best possible deals to bring our loyal customers more verity to choose from. We are also the only lessor taking requests from customers on what aircraft they desire. If you want an aircraft please contact us and we will lease it cheaper than list price. Either post your requests on this topic or contact me in game.  


Westjet does it the 5th time around!

12.12.2017 - 22:59

Yet again I am continuing with the topic idea that I stole from rubio, five times has made my creativity in titles fade away. This is the 5th WestJet Christmas Mircale, this time making kids dreams come trough! Merry Christmas!


Favourite Eurovision Song

12.05.2017 - 22:55

Hello Everyone,


As we are one day from the Eurovision final let´s establish two things. Which is your favourite Eurovsion song this year? Which is your favourite Eurovision song ever?


I come from the most successful country in Eurovision during the last 50 years, the country with the second most wins and a country which is generally in love with Eurovison (over 80% of the songs have some Swedish involvement). I am a huge Eurovison fan and have attended four grand finals with the first when I was 7 years old. For me I have to say that this year I am moderately impressed with the lineup and am very curious who will win. Sweden has a completely horrible song which actually is not that bad when compared to some others but in my opinion we could have voted something better (which I did). Sure Italy got a great song and a fantastic performance which I like. Portugal got a complete fool on stage. Bulgaria got a kid on stage. And the Belgian song is fantastic but the singer is way to scared when performing it. Sweden as I said is very boring but it got great chances. Tomorrow I will be voting for Hungary, Croatia and Moldova as I really enjoy these songs so I guess they are my favourites. 


To say favourite song ever is a lot harder but I will first list a couple that I like:

  • If love was a crime, Bulgaria
  • Undo, Sweden
  • Euphoria, Sweden
  • Euphoria, Sweden
  • Fairy tale, Norway
  • Aphrodisiac, Greece
  • Satellite, Germany
  • Ne partez pas sans moi, Switzerland
  • Waterloo, Sweden
  • Diggiloo diggiley, Sweden
  • Run away, Moldova
  • La voix, Sweden
  • And many more

To say one favourite is very hard but to be honest it has to be Dancing Lasha Tumbai by Verka Serduchka from 2007 which lost to a horrible lesbian revolt song. In deed from a musical perceptive its not a great song but it has a fantastic performance, it is remembered, it is happy, it makes you imitatively get up and dance, it got a great rhythm, it has a fantastic hidden message and will make me happy regardless of circumstance. How bad I ever feel after half of the song I will jump jump up moving my hands up and down. Enjoy.


Transfer Lease Contracts

22.04.2017 - 15:39



I suggest adding a function to transfer lease contracts between enterprises within the same holding would be beneficial and it is certainly a realistic function as it often happens in the real world. It would be a simple function where the same contract would simply be resigned by the new lessee who is within the same holding. And the original lessee would still pay the next lessee and afterwards the new lessee is responsible for the payments. When the transfer is done the original lessee would receive back his deposit and the new would have to pay it. If the new lessee does not have the funds to pay for the deposit then no transfer would happen. This function would certainly benefit lessors who will not have to put up the aircraft for auction again. This would also lead to other companies not being as confused if their lease contracts suddenly get cancelled as the plane was meant for someone else. I think this would be a quick function to make and it would certainly be beneficial. I know that the time that time for development is tight at the moment but this would be a function which I think the community would enjoy and it is pretty logical top be part of an airline simulation.