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Black Friday

22.11.2018 - 22:21

How are you guys doing with Black Friday? Most deals have been released here in Sweden and absolutely nothing has goods deals (deals that aren't achieved otherwise). Is it the same for you?

Time to say Goodbye

27.07.2018 - 12:16

Hey everyone, 


The time has finally come for me to say Goodbye! For the last four years I have enjoyed every moment of this great game but my need to focus my time on other things has meant sadly I have been fairly inactive. I realised my inactivity when I got kicked out of teams for exactly that reason. In other words I am simply not enjoying AS anymore. 


All I can say is that it has been a great time. I have tried to bring more happiness and joy to this community by many times moving out of the “boring business attitude” to a joyful warm and cuddly style. I have learned a lot from this game and from the community. I have loved writing every post in my airline news topics containing everything from environmental campaigns to cheesy movie reviews. Everyone here has been great. Even Ufsatp’s hate for me has greatly amused me at times. I would especially want to thank George, Leo, Jens, Ian, Ron, Lucian, Sven, James, Arne, Norman, Pedro, Joao, THX and Airlineista (forgot your names sorry) for bringing me joy and some of you for helping me out with this game. I am very sorry if I forgot anyone. Also thank you to everyone who trusted me for UAB.


I would also like to thank Martin for creating and still running this fantastic game. @martin Please give the game more attention and respect your team more. Atleast let them play for free, more as a gesture for what they are putting in than anything else. It's very hard representing something when you are a customer. The team are the crutches still keeping this game upright. 


My operations on Stapleton will slowly go away with American and Tianjin Sky probably being returned to their owners and IndoSky probably fading away, though I am not at that stage of letting go yet. 


If anyone want to keep in touch add Christianpals on Snap or email me at palsson.christian@gmail.com. 


Thank you and love you all <3,



P.S Let's end it off with the sad song that the title is named after

Global Group Common News

01.05.2018 - 12:44



This is a topic were everything Global Group will be written. As PostImage has failed all it´s older links the topics of IndoSky, American Sky, Tianjin Sky and CBE Airways will be merged here. Please join in on the conversation :)


For the old topics see:




American Sky


Tianjin Sky


CBE Airways



Happy New Year!

31.12.2017 - 18:23

Happy New Year everyone! Let's blow up a ton of fireworks (to bad it rains here, would have enjoyed it more otherwise)!

Global Banking Corporation

20.12.2017 - 01:26



The Global Banking Corporation (GBC) is the second largest entity of the Global Group and also the most unknown one. Global Banking Corporation is the banking and leasing provider of the Global Group headquartered in Monte Carlo. The Global Banking Corporation offers attractive leasing deals for many different aircraft types. We currently lease out over 1.5 billion dollars worth of aircraft to both Global Group carriers and exterior parties. Our staff work hard each day from our beautiful head offices on the riviera to find the best possible deals to bring our loyal customers more verity to choose from. We are also the only lessor taking requests from customers on what aircraft they desire. If you want an aircraft please contact us and we will lease it cheaper than list price. Either post your requests on this topic or contact me in game.