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03.01.2018 - 04:40



in the mean time you can open a station in all airports that are of interest to you. Opening a station doesn't cost you any money. You only pay for staff if/when you schedule flights to an airport.


But the page that lists airports where you have a station does show which airport closes for the night. That page is also handy because you can list airports in different orders.





In Topic: Questions I need answered....

02.01.2018 - 05:12



according to regulations, it should be possible to evacuate a plane in less than 90 seconds.


A plane can be big enough to install 220 slim seats, but only have enough exits to evacuate 180 passengers in less than 90 seconds. In this case, the plane is only allowed to carry 180 passengers. That's why you get the warning.



In Topic: Publish publicly EXACT details on how to play the game?

02.01.2018 - 02:47



first of all I would like to thank Matth. For his work as a moderator, and for always remaining friendly and polite when dealing with a player who charges like as bull towards a red flag. I am also happy that Matth and his colleagues have decided it is okay to post information that explains how to manage a successful airline.



It can be fun to have experienced neighbours, if they don't squeeze your airline out of the country in three months time. It is not possible to "undiscover" knowledge, so the only way to give everybody the same chances is to change the rules. Or you can make the knowledge less valuable by distributing it.


Martin is working on new passengers. When these new passengers are introduced, that part of the game will be new terrain for everybody... at least for a couple of months  ;-)


I understand and appreciate that you don't want too much information. I would hate it if someone was looking over my shoulder and telling me to use such seats, to offer wine instead of beer, and the schedule a flight to that airport. But nobody is watching over your shoulder, and you are not forced to operate Airbus, use this seat and sell your tickets at that price.


And let's be honest, on the forum you can read far more messages from people who are frustrated because they have failed three times in a row, than from players who are frustrated because there is too much information available...


Have fun with the game.



In Topic: Publish publicly EXACT details on how to play the game?

01.01.2018 - 03:50



when you learn how to play the piano, nobody tells you to experiment until you can play Chopin. If you think this argument is far fetched, your argument that I was one step away from publishing the internal formulas of the game is also far fetched. Jeez, I studied Lating-Greek and know nothing about mathematics  :-)


At this moment, many players fail several times before they manage to keep an airline afloat. Some of these people are happy to keep experimenting until they find the holy grail. Others are happy to get information that is concrete and helpful. In this case a player asked for prices so I gave my prices.


As I wrote in my other post (that could be moved to this topic) I was urged to remove the information in my post because it would help his competitors. So censoring my post helps one experienced player to fend off his probably less experienced competitors.


Censoring information puts you on a slippery path... Is it okay to say that I use full beds in business class ? That is exact information. Is it okay to say that adding extra flight attendants is cost effective ? Is it different if I say "in a 739 I use all 10 flight attendants". That is exact information. How do you decide what information can be published ? And how do you decide what is best for the players ? And for which players ?


My neighbour had his tomcat castrated... for his own good. And believe me, my neighbour is convinced it is for the best of his cat. But I don't know if the cat agrees  ;-)


This is the first time that I know off that a posting is censored because it is not in the interest of the players. I think the players are big boys (or girls) who can decide for themselves if they want to copy a price setting or not. If they are not interested, they will ignore the information.


I have given my business model to many players. In great detail. Nobody has ever complained that I ruined the joy of playing. And nobody has literally copied my business model. They use what they like, and they change things according to their own preferences. And one year later they tell me something they discovered that I did not even know. And I don't complain either.


Just my two pence.



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01.01.2018 - 02:45



not spoiling the experience for new players sounds like a noble goal.


Unfortunately, the reason I was given in the private message was that I gave too much information to his competitors. That sounds less noble to me  ;-)


If a player asks for information, I don't say "sorry, but that would spoil the fun of discovering it yourself". I give information. If a player prefers to experiment until he finds his own business model, that is perfect. The only thing he has to do is not apply my price setting.


Besides, this game has so many complexities... If I had to start a new airline in a different country, it still would be a challenge to find the right routes, the best connections, suitable planes, and to build a successful airline.


Anyway... from one side I got a message telling me I should remove information from my posting, and from the other side my posting was effectively censored... I don't know about you guys but this guy shouts a loud protest when that happens.


And apart from my ill timed tantrum, a happy new year to all.