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#105855 Nighttime ban icon in airports list

Posted by sobelair on 03.01.2018 - 04:40



in the mean time you can open a station in all airports that are of interest to you. Opening a station doesn't cost you any money. You only pay for staff if/when you schedule flights to an airport.


But the page that lists airports where you have a station does show which airport closes for the night. That page is also handy because you can list airports in different orders.





#105838 Questions I need answered....

Posted by sobelair on 02.01.2018 - 05:12



according to regulations, it should be possible to evacuate a plane in less than 90 seconds.


A plane can be big enough to install 220 slim seats, but only have enough exits to evacuate 180 passengers in less than 90 seconds. In this case, the plane is only allowed to carry 180 passengers. That's why you get the warning.



#105801 45 seats or 50?

Posted by sobelair on 01.01.2018 - 02:45



not spoiling the experience for new players sounds like a noble goal.


Unfortunately, the reason I was given in the private message was that I gave too much information to his competitors. That sounds less noble to me  ;-)


If a player asks for information, I don't say "sorry, but that would spoil the fun of discovering it yourself". I give information. If a player prefers to experiment until he finds his own business model, that is perfect. The only thing he has to do is not apply my price setting.


Besides, this game has so many complexities... If I had to start a new airline in a different country, it still would be a challenge to find the right routes, the best connections, suitable planes, and to build a successful airline.


Anyway... from one side I got a message telling me I should remove information from my posting, and from the other side my posting was effectively censored... I don't know about you guys but this guy shouts a loud protest when that happens.


And apart from my ill timed tantrum, a happy new year to all.



#105792 Publish publicly EXACT details on how to play the game?

Posted by sobelair on 31.12.2017 - 19:35



Edited by Matth, Today, 04:11.
Moderator edit: Removed the markups, that's a bit too much detail. Let the players experiment themselves a bit.



Hi Matth,


I don't agree with you. And it would like to know on what grounds or rules you have based your decision to censor me.



To everybody who reads this,


strangely enough I also received a private message from another player, asking me to remove the information from my posting. A short but literal quote below:

"I never give such information publicly, and it might be a good idea to reconsider removing those markups from the post, and sending them by private message if necessary, but with some guys we agreed we would not post markups publicly."


To me it looks like Matth could well be one of those guys. In that case he abuses his power as a moderator.





#105774 More important for a new game world: profit margin or passengers transported?

Posted by sobelair on 31.12.2017 - 02:22

You should know, I love statistics and what one can make out of them...

As for the 95/96, just search the forum and you find plenty asking why they don't earn money despite of 100% bookings. :blink:


As for the 45/60 - just a rough example, but what about the following:
I schedule a daily return flight perfectly "in wave", 99% SLF, 50-60% margin - and a "filler" return trip "out of wave" with a 20% SLF, just enough for a positive CM II and good enough to bug the competiton. Do so with 50 airframes and call it an airline.
You end up with a SLF of 60% in the statistics. Am I doing only so so or am I running a stable and highly competitive airline? ;)


Of course, a higher SLF is a good indicator on early server stages - we both agree here. IMO, the SLF is getting less expressive the older a server gets.




then let's not argue for the sake of arguing.


I am convinced that you run a stable and competitive airline. But your seat load is actually 93%, not the 60% of your theoretical example  ;-)


And those who loose money with a seat load of 100% are smart if they look for advice... because they are doing something (or some things) seriously wrong.





#105759 More important for a new game world: profit margin or passengers transported?

Posted by sobelair on 30.12.2017 - 17:43

SLF stand alone tells you just that, but not more.
You can have a SLF of 95% while you'd need 96% to break even.
The other airline has a SLF of just 60% but only needs 45% to break even.
In such case, the one with 95% is an easy competitor while I'd be highly alerted with the other.


In theory yes. In theory everything is possible  :-)


But you need to find a player who is smart enough to get a seat load of 95% and at the same time stupid enough to invent a business model where he needs 96% to break even.

Or a player who is smart enough to break even at 45% but too stupid to sell more than 60% of his seats.


Nah... allow me to stick with my opinion. After a few weeks on a new server you open two statistic pages of the country you play in: one tab with passengers transported and one tab with passenger capacity. Within a few minutes you have a pretty good picture of who is doing great and who is only doing so so.


But sure, there's many things that help to create a better picture. and the more details, the better the picture.



#105757 45 seats or 50?

Posted by sobelair on 30.12.2017 - 17:10

Impressive, those numbers make me feel like a baby. So much money can only come from a Chinese monopoly.


Not really  :-)


I am actually the third airline in China, both in fleet size as in transported passengers, with a fleet of 500 something aircraft.


And I never play monopoly... I have a few subsidiaries in open markets, and even in those countries where I am the only operator I use less than half of the slots. There's always room for another airline.


Besides, if you offer quality seats and service, you shouldn't be poor yourself either  ;-)



#105742 More important for a new game world: profit margin or passengers transported?

Posted by sobelair on 30.12.2017 - 02:54

Yep. I agree.


On a new world, all airlines invests every single penny in extra planes. If an airline operates twenty 73G's, you can safely assume that airline is worth 46 million (= deposit of the leased planes. There is little chance the airline is sitting on a lot of extra cash.


After a few weeks, I would look at seat loads. If an airline sells 95% of its seats, it's doing very well. If an airline only sells 60% of its seats, it's not a dangerous competitor  ;-)



#105741 45 seats or 50?

Posted by sobelair on 30.12.2017 - 02:44



I agree.


The bottom line of my balance account says 156 billion... and that fortune is built on the short haul recliner seat  :-)





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#105677 List of all demand changes?

Posted by sobelair on 28.12.2017 - 01:27

Euhm... we would like to comment on that... we seem to remember that we used to get information from Sascha when he updated passenger/cargo demand.


We also think it is good to inform players when anything has been updated, whether it is a runway length or passenger demand. It shows that AS keeps the game up to date. We also think that "airport X got a passenger demand update" does not give away many secrets  ;-)



#105400 Hello everyone

Posted by sobelair on 15.12.2017 - 09:11

Hi Thanh,


join the club and have fun with the game !





#105061 Paid Slots

Posted by sobelair on 29.11.2017 - 17:11



It's like Ian said... rich airlines will buy slots and become richer.


If you want less congestion, or room for more players, put a maximum on the number of planes a holding can operate.





#86751 Istanbul Ataturk Airport Bombings

Posted by sobelair on 02.07.2016 - 17:50



Wasnt this thread supposed to condemn the Istanbul attack?


Is this a question ? In that case the answer is no. The first poster condemned the attack, but he also made some political comments. So it is perfectly normal to expect replies with political content.


If it was a hint rather than a question... Christian is a big boy. If he thought we were hijacking his topic, he surely would not need your help to say so.



... After reading the above comments it seems you guys are indirectly saying "they are bad people, yeah they deserved to be attacked".


Huh ?


I dont know whether they have been doing business with IS, but if there any such dealing, it is obviously a collective policy of NATO, rather than Turkey alone. 

My point is the most people of Turkey, no matter religious or secular, are peaceful and friendly. Nobody deserves to die this way.


Obviously ? Do you really think the NATO is one monolythic block ?


At first Turkey did not allow NATO planes to use Turkish military bases for the attacks on IS. I don't think the Turkish government was a friend of IS, I rather believe analysts who say the Turkish government wants the Assad regime gone. IS is one of the groups who are fighting the Assad regime, so the Turkish government turned a blind eye. Only after the first IS attack in Turkey, the Turkish government allowed NATO to use its military airports.


Besides, the reports I refer to don't state that the Turkish government was dealing with IS. The reports state that IS sold oil via Turkey, and the reports suggested the Turkish government must have known this was happening. I mean, you can smuggle one truck with oil, you cannot organise a stream of trucks without the intelligence services noticing.


Anyway, it is a fact that most if not all European jihadi's who joined IS traveled through Turkey. It is true that you cannot completely close such a long land border. But it is also true that the Turkish government was initially not bothered with this stream of jihadi's traveling through their country.


Does the above mean that the attack on the Istanbul airport was okay ? Of course not.


I may be naïve, but in my opinion the world community should have isolated Syria when the protests against Assad changed into a civil war. If that had happened, Assad's planes, tanks and helicopters would gave been grounded a long time ago due to lack of spare parts. If they were still fighting, it would have been with sticks and stones. Instead, half the world sent weapons to support one side or the other.



My point is the most people of Turkey, no matter religious or secular, are peaceful and friendly. Nobody deserves to die this way.


(sarcasm) After reading your comment it seems you are indirectly saying "they are bad people, yeah they deserved to be attacked" (/sarcasm)


Seriously. Read the whole thread again. That is what every poster says. Only an idiot or a psychopath thinks he will solve the problems of this world by bombing an airport, a station, a market...





#86593 ORS Rating 99?

Posted by sobelair on 29.06.2016 - 04:58

... The category that seems to let me down the most is seat pitch.




seat pitch is an image factor and doesn't (directly) influence your ORS rating.


I always aim at 99 ratings. But to be honest, I don't think you will loose many passengers if your flight has an ORS rating of 96.


I agree with Yukawa when he suggests that the high end of the market (bigger seats and expensive tickets) is more profitable, but his example is wrong. It is certainly not either selling 100 tickets at 1 dollar or one ticket at 1000 dollar. In theory it is selling 50 tickets at 20 dollar or 20 tickets at 50 dollar. In both cases you get 1000 dollar. However, one airline will pay 50 times 11 dollar for passenger handling and 50 times for on-board service, the other airline will only pay 20 times 11 dollar for passenger handling and 20 times for on-board service.


And I guess there is also a multiplication effect. It makes a difference if your rating is calculated as (seat rating + service rating) divided by price, or if the formula is (seat rating x service rating) divided by price...





#86441 Seats and In-Flight-Services - Some issues

Posted by sobelair on 25.06.2016 - 00:06



as George has said already, price sensitive passengers would cause a race to the bottom.


Our virtual passengers don't "fly the flag", they are not tempted by flight attendants in short skirts, nor by good marketing. Even if our passengers value price only a little more than the other factors, the guy with the lower price will get the passengers. Period. That will force others to lower their price if they want to keep their share of the passengers, and so on. After two months, we shall all be operating low cost carriers and go bankrupt anyway.


Price sensitive passengers will only work if they become an extra type of passenger. And then the players who like to spiral down, can enter that market  ;-)