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Tempelhof down again ?

24.05.2018 - 22:54



I am not able to access Tempelhof... is the server down again ?



Publish publicly EXACT details on how to play the game?

31.12.2017 - 19:35



Edited by Matth, Today, 04:11.
Moderator edit: Removed the markups, that's a bit too much detail. Let the players experiment themselves a bit.



Hi Matth,


I don't agree with you. And it would like to know on what grounds or rules you have based your decision to censor me.



To everybody who reads this,


strangely enough I also received a private message from another player, asking me to remove the information from my posting. A short but literal quote below:

"I never give such information publicly, and it might be a good idea to reconsider removing those markups from the post, and sending them by private message if necessary, but with some guys we agreed we would not post markups publicly."


To me it looks like Matth could well be one of those guys. In that case he abuses his power as a moderator.





Red Sun Leasing goes public

06.12.2017 - 10:04



Red Sun Leasing goes public. The IPO will be launched on saturday the 9th of december.


Why invest in Red Sun Leasing ?

- with over 500 aircraft, it is a major private lessor on Tempelhof.

- all planes are fairly recent, with an average age of 3.4 years.

- all planes are still in production.

- bulk of the fleet consists of 737's, ranging from 736 to 73J.


Why not invest in Red Sun Leasing ?

- the return on invested capital is low. If your airline is still expanding, you better invest in leasing and operating more planes.