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PeR Airways - the airline of Peru

12.02.2018 - 21:20

PeR Airways expands further into South America!


The second biggest airline of Peru - PeR Airways - announced today new destination - La Paz, Bolivia - as well as some new flights to the biggest Peruvian cities.


It is all connected to the recent acquiring of 1-year-old A320-200, which replaced an A319-100 on routes from Lima to Arequipa, Trujillo, and Cuzco.


"We are concerned about high comfort on board of our jets, and we aim to fulfill the demand on domestic Peruvian routes at the same time. The latest addition of A320 to our fleet lets us increase capacity on domestic routes and add new flights with A319. One of them will be La Paz - the fourth international destination for PeR Airways" - the CEO of PeR Airways, Bogdan Seljanko.


Flights to La Paz will be sold for 189AS$ in Premium class and 587AS$ in Lux class.




Zhukovsky Airport?

27.12.2017 - 10:24

So, there is a new airport in Russia (well, it operates for over a year already, according to the Russian Wiki), and it is sometimes called the 4th Moscow airport. So... Just wonder, why wasn't it added to the AS with Hoover and will it be added anytime soon? Here's the website of it: http://zia.aero/en/


27.08.2017 - 18:39

algjet brings you France!


Less than one-week old Algerian flag carrier algjet announces its first international destinations. According to the CEO of the airline, JohnNewman, flights to Toulouse, Nice, Lyon and Paris CDG will be operated by Algerian airline in September.


" We are very happy to offer our customers new destinations from Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport, especially in France! algjet has a great potential, in my opinion, and our goal is to use it and to expand our network in Algeria and beyond ", said the CEO.


algjet is going to use a Bombardier CRJ 1000 NextGen for the new flights, which will be 3rd in a fleet. It will have 12 Recliner Shorthaul yourPremium and 80 Leisure + yourComfort seats. The timetable will be available from 30.08.2017 on our website, the flights will start from 02.09.2017.




algjet is a part of YJ Group. More info on our website http://ellinikon.air.../70537?33&tab=0