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In Topic: Via flights turnaround time

30.01.2018 - 21:58

Then I got you wrong.

Cleaning is taken rather long and is the reason why re-boarding is not taking place.
What aircraft type is this?


The first is A321neo light, second is A350.


I know, apples and oranges. Maybe that's what's causing the differences?

In Topic: Via flights turnaround time

30.01.2018 - 20:56

refueling with pax onboard is subject to many safety precautions and regulations. at some airports, it is even forbidden in general. at others, extra charges for services such as fire trucks standing by may apply. since the variety of this can not be simulated at this time (and most-likely ever), having pax disembark for refueling sounds reasonable.

of course, there are other options to get around this issue, the simulation as is can not depict those.


Sure this makes a lot of sense IRL and even in game if its by design.


I guess it just bugs me because on my other via flights pax (re)boarding could begin at the same time as cargo loading so I just couldn't understand why this isn't true across the board.


FWIW I've never been asked to deplane during refuelling IRL, usually just remain seated with seatbelt unfastened and phones off.


The airport in question in my original post is VIE, whilst the airport in the attachment is HKG in case anyone's curious.