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Via flights turnaround time

30.01.2018 - 18:43

I have a flight from A via B to C. I have no traffic right to pick up any pax from B to C.


However, it appears that the turnaround in B still includes pax boarding time which seems weird to me as I have no traffic right. 


Normally this wouldn't bother me but with this particular flight the pax boarding time happens to eat away my ground time (by just 1 minute) so that maintenance is impossible.


Is there any explanation to it? Or should I just speed up the B to C segment to retain my planned ground maintenance window?



Personal connection

10.01.2018 - 00:55

Sorry if this is not allowed, but would love to connect/chat in PM with other like-minded guys with similar interests out there. Any one up for it? I'd start, 26 gam here.


Cheers ^_^  :)