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#107286 In need of a logo?

Posted by FlaviusS1 on 13.02.2018 - 17:49

Hi all,


Been a long time player and have thoroughly enjoyed Airlinesim so far. I've seen a myriad of threads in the past of people requesting logos for their airliner. I've been getting my tow wet in designing myself and would like to help some of you by creating some (basic) logos for you all.


I can't guarantee professional quality as I'm just doing this in my spare time as a hobby. But if I can help some of you and meanwhile learn a bit myself I am more than happy to do so.


If you're interested, I'll just need a bit of background info to make it work:


  • Name of your company
  • Geographical location
  • 2/3 base colours you'd like to see
  • Any background info you think would be helpful


Feel free to send a request in this thread and I'll come back to you once I got something.


PS: If you decide to use the logo, feel free to let me know which World your airliner is founded on. I'd love to see the logo "in action".



  • Name of your company: AirDunau.com
  • Geographical location: Romania, Bucharest.
  • 2/3 base colours you'd like to see: Blue, White.
  • Any background info you think would be helpful: Something simple.

#107285 Anyone can help me with my logo ?

Posted by FlaviusS1 on 13.02.2018 - 17:39

Hello CEO's,

Hope you have good flights, i wanted to ask if can somebody do mine logo because i tried lot of times and nothing, can you someone do this? I will be very grateful.

I wish you all good things in your company!