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There are a number of shares available on this airline at the moment. Obviously I don't know who's selling, but if it's a Brazilian airline, and I buy 0.2% of the airline, it's legal home will go to South Korea, and all Brazilian flights will need to be cancelled?

Yes, if the seller is one of the Brazilian companies then it would lose traffic rights.

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20.07.2018 - 15:13

Kaufen macht nur Sinn, wenn Du massig Kohle übrig hast und sonst nicht mehr weisst was damit machen. Bis dahin bekommst Du mit Leasings wesentlich mehr Fluggerät für’s Geld und kannst schneller wachsen.

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19.07.2018 - 10:19

I can't imagine that he bought 5 A320s with AS$10M (or even a single CR7).


And looking at his airline, it says they are all leased.

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19.07.2018 - 06:44

Have a look at https://www.asroutemap.info/start.asp to find a good place to start with enough slots to build up a hub.

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19.07.2018 - 01:32

If you are already on the top on ORS, you should increase prices, not decrease them. Aim for a 99 rating and then increase prices till the rating starts to drop.

For cargo you might get better loads with prices below 100%.

The MX ratio of 197% is rather on the high side, especially when you're not using waves.

And yes, I'm also struggling on Ellinikon to make decent money. In the early stages it usually requires to be patient, as it takes a bit of time to earn enough to lease the next plane.

The A320 might also be a bit big to start with. You can build a better hub with smaller planes and generate more connecting pax, which is key in the game.

And no, there are no real tools to find good routes. You can search other airlines (on the same or other worlds), but depending on your competitors, the situation can vary.

Airlines with full flights with worse ORS rating fill those planes with transfer pax. That's why you need those waves and a good hub structure.