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In Topic: Routemap

Today, 16:44

There's a new feature to help you decide on establishing a hub. Under the tools menu, you will find a wave planner. It should be pretty much self explanatory and also has a descriptive help screen.

In Topic: Why I wont continue...and my experience

Yesterday, 14:16

Not quite sure, but if he figured out those points after playing the game for 6 hours only, then he's a real genius.

In Topic: Aircraft can't be fixed?

17.01.2018 - 06:29

Having the MX ratio above 100% is key, yes. But make also sure that the breaks are spread (more or less) evenly across the week, or you could end up with a state of less than 50% and your aircraft gets grounded.

In Topic: Exporting Flight Plans

16.01.2018 - 14:30

I split the topic to be able to continue the discussion separately

In Topic: Exporting Flight Plans

16.01.2018 - 00:37

I mean the aircraft's registration number. This would allow me to see in a big matrix, which slots would be lost if one machine were replaced or which other planes would have such slots, which I could take as candidates for further exchanges.

So I can prepare it and then change everything in a concerted action.

As much as I'd like that information, the aircraft reg is only behind the login and not available to me.

You might be able though to quite easily amend my flight plan with your registration, if you copy the two columns flight number and tail from the load monitoring page. To get all the weekly flights, you might have to copy/save the values over a week, but then you should be able to add the tail to my flight plan manually.