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In Topic: Seats lost when aircraft goes on sell?

17.10.2018 - 13:26

What you guys all insist on is true when you are on the fleet management page. When you are on the fleet planning page or the flights page then a simple click on the "change configuration" page is making the change immediately without first selecting "Remove seating". That option is already clicked.


So before insisting so hardly on a specific opinion, maybe you lean back first and read what is written before and then hit the keyboard.

In Topic: Healthy daily profit.

15.10.2018 - 11:53

Think of your prices as the average price all pax pay. Some pay more, a few get a nice discount, but the prices you set are averaged.

In Topic: Schedule tab red on fleet page.

14.10.2018 - 04:42

It is only red if a flight is red or your schedule is not a full round-trip schedule.


Check again ALL flights in your flight plan and have a look which one is red

In Topic: Bug in Performance check tool?

12.10.2018 - 16:12

Then I would know that it's not a bug.

Everyone here seems to think it's perfectly fine that you can fly an airplane with between 50-80% cargo and passengers a certain route but if you change the speed 2km/h it's impossible to fly it even with 10% cargo and passengers. That makes no sense, why would you design a game to work in such a way?

Except for in cases like JFK-ARN where you on the edge of your range, in these cases the function has not achieved it's intended goal.

I am also bringing up the related bug here, which is that the interface in the performance check tool does not explain to the player why you can't fly with speed override, it just doesn't work satisfactory with speed override but says that all checks are OK!

I want the game to use as realistic checks as possible, if it's not possible at all to fly an A220 from JFK-ARN in reality based on it's real range, then why is it possible to do so in the game?

If it is possible but not economical in reality, then why is it in the game?

I am trying to offer you an ability to resolve an issue/bug in the game and make it better by reporting it. If your not interested in me reporting bugs or strange quirks or ways to make the game better I can stop before I even got started.

According to your own definition, your "related" bug is none. The page works EXACTLY as the designer/programmer intended it to work. To provide a clearer explanation as to why a certain route is not possible to fly is most likely a feature request.

I won't argue about your so called "bug" anymore. But there's plenty of explanation of the simplified performance system and suggestions onbhow to improve. The search function will help you with that.

In Topic: Auslastungen innerhalb eines Landes

12.10.2018 - 03:26

Jets haben eine bessere Bewertung als Turboprops. Auch bei gleicher Bestuhlung ist Dein ORS Rating mit Sicherheit unterschiedlich, und daher auch die Buchungszahlen.