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In Topic: Sort of a written let's play (will contain many screenshots)

08.01.2018 - 10:45

A little tip. 

I rename the planes temporarily. 

Plane 1: 111
Plane 2: 222 

And so on. Then you don't have to type the different plane registrations 49 time. Makes it easier and faster.  :D

In Topic: Publish publicly EXACT details on how to play the game?

01.01.2018 - 09:08

Hi Jan,

I can understand why you made this post, but I'm sure that you understand that this discussion shouldn't necessarily take place in public.

I know that Matth has taken the case further himself, to discuss with the AS staff at what level a moderator should censor these things.

I'm sure Matth will get back to you soon.

(And I'm also sure that Matth had the best intentions!)

In Topic: Ilyushin il-144 - Production.

24.12.2017 - 07:11

The important thing is always, whether it is in regular commercial operation or not :-)

In Topic: Looking for mentor

10.12.2017 - 14:02

Cairo om Riem is a great opportunity. Big domestic demand, few competitors in the area etc. I cannot promise a mentor, but I'll try to find one. Unfortunately I don't have too much time these days.

But it's an awesome opportunity. 😃

In Topic: Ottos future?

23.11.2017 - 11:46

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