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#113634 Deuschansa Group News

Posted by RoyRoy on 25.10.2018 - 12:26


Deuschansa launches Washington!!!

After a quiet few weeks, home grown Frankfurt based Deuschansa has announced it will begin its second long haul flight to WASHINGTON DULLES. The international gateway to the Capital of the USA is a huge route for Leisure, Business and Diplomatic traffic. And with the airlines extensive network throughout Europe and Germany, they offer a multitude of connections onto this flight.


The flight is to be operated by a 231 seater A340-300 aircraft, which includes seating for 42 DeuschBiz and 189 DeuschTraveller seats. Both cabins get inflight wifi as well as touchscreen IFE providing 100s of hours of entertainment.

Schedule is as follows:

LH418 FRA1100 - 1250IAD 343 x147
LH418 FRA1125 - 1315IAD 343 147

LH419 IAD1535 - 0525+1FRA 343 D

The flights are timed to connect to/from a multitude of the airlines European/Domestic services as well as its many airline partners.

On this the CEO said "We are extremely pleased to announce our second long haul route after New York. After a few weeks of stability we are ready to expand again and we saw no better opportunity than into the US capital. We have already earmarked our next routes both long and short haul which we will announce soon"

Deuschansa Group - Fly your way

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#113186 Deuschansa Group News

Posted by RoyRoy on 01.10.2018 - 21:29


Frankfurt Main Airport, 01OCT18


This week, an all new home grown german airline has taken to the skies. Frankfurt based Deuschansa Group aim to become a major european player with operations all over the world. The airline has began operations with a fleet of 18 Airbus A320s and 1 Airbus A340-300.


The A320s are configured with 15 DeuschBiz and 132 DeuschTraveller seats. The A340 is configured with 42 DesuchBiz and 189 DeuschTraveller Seats. The A340 has begun a daily service connecting Frankfurt to the city that never sleeps - NEW YORK CITY. The airline offers connections to and from over 12 destinations throughout europe including Paris, London, Amsterdam, Zurich & Brussels. Our A320 schedule is as follows:


(All flights ex-Frankfurt)


Amsterdam 4xDaily

Berlin-Tegel 8xDaily

Brussels 4xDaily

Dusseldorf 8xDaily

Hamburg 8xDaily

London/Heathrow 4xDaily

Manchester 2xDaily

Munich 10xDaily

Nuremburg 5xDaily

Paris/CDG 4xDaily

Stuttgart 4xDaily

Vienna 3xDaily

Warsaw 1xDaily

Zurich 4xDaily



The airline is already in discussion for further aircraft to further expand operations to more destinations,


Deuschansa Group - Fly your way

#112466 Polaris Group News Room

Posted by RoyRoy on 28.08.2018 - 20:02



Polaris enter Germany market with Frankfurt flights


This week, Chicago based Polaris will start its first flights into Germany by operating a new daily service from its Newark hub into Frankfurt. The daily flight is operated by a 240 seater B767-300. On this the CEO said:


"We are delighted to finally announce the start of our flights to Frankfurt, the flight is further bolstering our transatlantic hub at Newark where we have big plans to have major service to europe. Already we are looking to add more flights to London aswell as Paris and Amsterdam"


Schedule is as follows:


PO081 EWR2100 - 1043+1FRA 763

PO082 FRA1315 - 1521EWR 763


#105594 Aero Paradise returns!!!

Posted by RoyRoy on 23.12.2017 - 16:35







Dubai UAE, 23rd December. Today, Dubai based all widebody carrier AERO PARADISE has added its 3rd daily flight to the UK's capital - LONDON/HEATHROW. London is the airlines best performing route, being a global city with business and tourist links throughout the world. Specifially it is heavy for connections down to Australia and India.


EK005 departs Dubai at 0300hrs, arriving into London at 0552hrs. The return EK006 departs London at 0930, arriving back into Dubai at 2020hrs. The flights are timed to connect to and from the airlines Middle east and especially the flights to India.


The aircraft operating the route is a Boeing 767-300ER, configured with 8 First Class, 36 Business class and 161 Economy class seats


Aero Paradise - Connecting the world

#105392 Aero Egypt News

Posted by RoyRoy on 14.12.2017 - 22:41



Cairo's newest Flag Carrier launches operations


This week, the Egyptian skies is welcoming it's newest airline. Aero Eqypt has launched operations from Egypt's capital - Cairo. The airline has a fleet of 5 Embraer E-Jets (4 E95,1 E90) and 1 Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft. each aircraft is operated in a fual class congifuration offering meals and drinks throughout as well as the daily reading material.


The airline operates to 7 domestic and 2 international routes.


Abu Simel - 2xDaily E95

Alexandria - Daily E90

Ammam - 3xdaily EQV

Aswan - Daily E90

Hurghada - 5xDaily E95

Jeddah - Daily E95

Luxor - 3xDaily CR9

Marsa Alam - Daily E90

Sharm El Sheikh - 5xDaily EQV


This makes Aero Egypt the largest airline operating in Cairo. The airline has the aim of trying to be a major player in the Europe to Africa and Asia. initially the focus will be around regional operations.


Aero Egypt - Cairo, Egypt, The world

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#95912 Royair - Europes low fare airline

Posted by RoyRoy on 21.02.2017 - 21:47


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#94970 Royair - Europes low fare airline

Posted by RoyRoy on 27.01.2017 - 12:38



New Airline launches from London/Stansted

27th January 2017


This week, a new airline has launched operations in the European Skies. Royair,a new London/Stansted based airline aims to be a major Pan-European airline, bringing communities together and boosting economies. The airline plans to operate a variety of both Business and Leisure flights throughout the continent.


Royair operates a fleet of 3 168 seat B737-800s and 2 138 seat B737-700s. 4 are based at the airlines London/Stansted hub whilst 1 is based in the Irish capital Dublin. The airlines operates flights to 13 destinations throughout Europe. The schedule will deliver:


  • 4 Based aircraft
  • 182 weekly flights to/from London/Stansted
  • 13 routes in total
  • Around 1.4m passengers per annum
  • 100s of jobs created

Royair's Chief Executive Officer Adam has said:

"We are really excited to finnaly start our operations from Stansted Airport. It provides excellent links to central London and beyond. We are already looking at further network increases either through network expansion or frequency increases - and we haven't even started yet!!!"



London Stansted's CEO has said:

"We are delighted to be able to welcome Royair to the airport, they are a young airline with big ambitions, which will only be good for Stansted and the south east as a whole"



Effective 30th January 2017 is the following schedule


Brussels/Charleroi Daily

Dublin 3xDaily

Edinburgh Daily

Eindhoven 4xWeekly

Gdansk 8xWeekly

Barcelona/Girona 4xWeekly

Glasgow 18xWeekly

Ibiza 2xWeekly

Las Palmas/Gran Canaria 2xWeekly

Madrid  5xWeekly

Malaga 2xWeekly

Palma 2xWeekly

Oslo/Torp 5xWeekly

Wroclaw 4xWeekly





Dublin is base no#2


Also, Royair has a single B737-800 based at Dublin Airport. From Dublin Royair operates 7 Daily flights to the UK. The airline will mainly focus on the huge UK demand to/from Ireland where thousands of people commute every day for Business, VFR and Leisure trips. The Dublin base will deliver


  • 1 Based Aircraft
  • 4 Routes to: Edinburgh(Daily), Glasgow(Daily), Liverpool(Daily) and London/Stansted(3xDaily)
  • 690,000 passengers per annum
  • 100s of jobs locally





Royair - Europe's low fare airline

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#94842 Seven Express. even better

Posted by RoyRoy on 25.01.2017 - 20:04

Amazing PR

#94038 Aero Paradise Newsroom

Posted by RoyRoy on 10.01.2017 - 14:12



London Sees 2nd A380 service!!!





Today, Dubai based Aero Paradise has announced it will now operate 2 of its 4 daily services to London/Heathrow airport with it's Airbus A380 flagship aircraft. The whale jets are configured with 12 First Class suites, 72 Business class beds and 450 Recliner Economy seats. The other 2 flights are being operated by the 2nd largest plane in the fleet the 338 seater A340-600. This is demonstrating the sheer demand to/from the UK capital. From 13th January the A380 will replace a B777-300 on the airlines' EMK003/004 service.


The airline now operates over 12,000 weekly one way seats on the route, making it the premier carrier between London and Dubai. The graph below shows the airlines Top 10 largest destinations. The presence of London and Manchester emphasises how important the UK & India is to the airline's network





Aero Paradise - Connecting the world

#93747 Aero Paradise Newsroom

Posted by RoyRoy on 03.01.2017 - 13:47



Continued increases in the network


Today, Dubai based Aero Paradise has announced a raft of changes due to recent aircraft acquisitions. The airline has bolstered many routes on its worldwide network with either frequency or capacity increases.


The changes are as follows:


Dubai - Addis Ababa Service increases from 6xWeekly A340 to 1xDaily 340/772 mix

Dubai - Amsterdam Service increased from 17xWeekly to 3xDaily

EMK143 DXB0340 - 0710AMS 772 D

EMK144 AMS1130 - 2045DXB 772 D


Other 2 flights are operated by A330-300 and A340-600


Dubai - Bangalore B772 replaces B767 on 1 of 2 Daily flights

Dubai - Bangkok B772 replaces B767 on 1 of 3 Daily flights (Now 2 Daily B777 and 1 Daily 2-Class A380)

Dubai - Cairo B772 replaces B767 on 1 of 2 Daily flights (Now 1xDaily B777 and 1xDaily A340)

Dubai - Colombo Service increases from 2 to 3xDaily

EMK626 DXB2135 - 0050+1CMB 763 D

EMK627 CMB1500 - 2016DXB 763 D


Other 2 daily flights are operated by B767 and A340-600


Dubai - Dhaka Service increased from 1 to 2xDaily B767 service

EMK584 DXB2300 - 0615DAC 763 D

EMK585 DAC1700 - 1935DXB 763 D


Dubai - Hong Kong 3-Class A380 replaces B772 on 1 of 3xDaily services

Dubai - Manchester Service increases from 2 to 3xDaily B772/340 mix

EMK021 DXB0250 - 0535MAN 772 D

EMK022 MAN0855 - 1958DXB 772 D


Dubai - Riyadh Service increases from 10xWeekly to 15xWeekly EQV

Dubai - Sydney Service increases from 8xWeekly to 2xDaily 340/77L mix

EMK405 DXB1055 - 0651+1SYD 346 x7

EMK406 SYD1640 - 0031+1DXB 346 x1


Dubai - Tehran Service increased from 1xDaily A340 to 2xDaily 767/340 mix

EMK872 0240 - 0400THR 763 D

EMK873 0530 - 0750DXB 763 D


The airline is closing in on the 100 Daily flights with 71 aircraft passenger fleet, offering 180,000 weekly seats to 52 destinations around the globe. continued bolstering of its network will occur in the coming weeks


Aero Paradise - Connecting the world



#93744 Aero Paradise Newsroom

Posted by RoyRoy on 03.01.2017 - 13:12



Hong Kong to join the A380 network


Happy New Year to all!!!


Today, Dubai based all-wide body airline Aero Paradise has announced that the world's largest jet will enter the Hong Kong skies. The airlines 4th example of it's flagship aircraft had replaced one of the airlines B777-200 aircraft on one of 3 Daily Dubai-Hong Kong services.


This provides an additional 1821 additional seats per week each way. The aircraft is equipped with 12 First Class seats, 72 Business class beds and 450 Spacious economy seats. From 6th Jan 17 Flight EMK380 will switch to the A380. the flight departs at 0300hrs arriving into Hong Kong at 1400hrs. The return flight EMK381 departs Hong Kong at 1645hrs, returning back into Dubai at 1950hrs






Aero Paradise - Connecting the world

#93535 Aero Paradise Newsroom

Posted by RoyRoy on 29.12.2016 - 12:31



MUMBAI BECOMES A380 route #3


This week, Dubai based Aero Paradise has started it's THIRD A380 destination - Mumbai. The 3rd A380 in the fleet has taken over 2 of the 3 Daily services, with the other being operated by an A340-300. Already the flights have been filled to capacity, showcasing not only how popular India is as a destination, but also how many people want to fly on the Whalejet. Mumbai is now the 2nd largest destination when measured by number of seats after London/Heathrow. Already the airline is looking to increase the 3rd Daily to an A380 as well as looking at other options on the network


Updated schedule is as follows:


Dubai - Mumbai 2 of 3 daily services now operated with 3-Class A380

EMK500 DXB0310 - 0710BOM 380 D

EMK502 DXB1600 - 2000BOM 380 D

EMK504 DXB2235 - 0240BOM 343 D


EMK505 BOM0525 - 0630DXB 343 D

EMK501 BOM1140 - 1245DXB 380 D

EMK503 BOM2315 - 0020+1DXB 380 D







With the spare capacity in the fleet, Aero paradise has also announced this week the start of two BRAND NEW ROUTES - Addis Ababa and Brisbane. Addis Ababa is the 5th African destination after Johannesburg, Cairo, Cape Town and Mauritius. The 6 times weekly service is timed to ensure maximum connections to/from the middle east, subcontinent and Europe.


Brisbane becomes the airlines 3rd Australian route after Melbourne and Sydney. The Queensland capital is considered the gateway to the Gold and Sunshine coasts, some of the worlds most amazing beaches.


The schedules are as follows


EMK721 DXB0800 - 1020ADD 343 x1

EMK722 ADD1535 - 1955DXB 343 x1


EMK441 DXB2250 - BNE1850 343 247

EMK442 BNE2145 - 0630+1DXB 343 135



Aero Paradise - Connecting the world

#91620 Aero Paradise Newsroom

Posted by RoyRoy on 26.11.2016 - 15:50






Since the last PR, there has been a huge period of expansion from the Dubai based airlines. 9 aircraft have been brought into the fleet including 2xA330, 1xA340, 1xB777 and 4xB767. But the main acquisition has been the first acquisition of the world's largest jet- the Airbus A380-800. The double decker giant is configured with 12 First Class suites, 72 Business class Beds and 450 Recliner Economy seats. Onboard amenities include the latest state of the art in flight entertainment, Onboard showers for First Class as well as Bars for First and Business.


The aircraft is being used for the airline's flagship EMK001/002 service from Dubai to London/Heathrow. The service to the UK capital is the airlines largest route, both in terms of Seats offered and frequency. Further increases will be planned in the future.


New routes to Africa, Europe and Bangladesh announced!!!


In addition to the A380 entered into service, Dubai based Aero paradise has also announced 4 Brand new routes to Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dhaka and Mauritius. The destinations are excellent new additions to the network. With the many connection opportunities on offer on the airlines network, there is now greater access to the world for customers of the new routes.


The complete list of new routes and frequency increases are as follows:


Dubai - Bangalore Service increased from 6 to 10xWeekly

EMK562 DXB2210 - 0306BLR 77L x135

EMK563 BLR0435 - 0631DXB 77L x246



Dubai - Cape Town NEW 6xWeekly service

EMK711 DXB0155 - 0855CPT 332 x2

EMK712 CPT1225 - 2340DXB 332 x2



Dubai - Copenhagen NEW 1xDaily service

EMK171 DXB0800 - 1125CPH 763 D

EMK172 CPH1540 - 0045+1DXB 763 D



Dubai - Dhaka NEW 1xDaily service

EMK582 DXB2300 - 0535+1DAC 763 D

EMK583 DAC0915 - 1150DXB 763 D



Dubai - Johannesburg Service increased from 2 to 3xDaily

EMK705 DXB1055 - 1650JNB 763 D

EMK706 JNB1950 - 0545+1DXB 763 D



Dubai - Kuala Lumpur Service increased from 2 to 3xDaily

EMK346 DXB0255 - 1350KUL 763 D

EMK347 KUL1735 - 2030DXB 763 D



Dubai - Manchester Daily service increased from B767 to A330-300

EMK017 DXB0755 - 1058MAN 333 D

EMK018 MAN1325 - 0028+1DXB 333 D



Dubai - Mauritius NEW 1xWeekly service

EMK771 DXB0310 - 0927MRU 332 2

EMK772 MRU1400 - 2017DXB 332 2



Dubai - Munich Service increased from 1 to 2xDaily

EMK051 DXB1455 - 1800MUC 763 D

EMK052 MUC2345 - 0830+1DXB 763 D



Dubai - New York/JFK service increased from 3 to 6xWeekly

EMK201 DXB1435 - 1900JFK x6

EMK202 JFK2210 - 2035+1DXB x6

#88766 Trans American Media Thread

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#88675 Trans American Media Thread

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