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#39213 Stapleton or Devau?

Posted by Norljus on 26.09.2013 - 16:47

Don't underestimate domestic demand. For instance my Airline in Nigeria operates 6 737-900ER just on the Lagos-Abuja Route. So I advise against using turboprops in anything but tiny markets. It hurts your image too much. Starting with 737-700 (or EMB 195) on the better domestic routes sounds like a good plan to me. It will also give you a  ORS rating advantage over the competition, that is currently using Dashes.

#36167 best start

Posted by Norljus on 28.07.2013 - 09:59

do i activate schedule immidiatley or 3-days delay??

That depends :) A jet is usualy transfered quickly. And it doesn't take a lot of pax to cover the operational costs of a flight. So most of the time it's better to start flying immediately. I see the 3-days-delay more as tool for flight plan changes, so that the booked flights can be worked off before the change.

#34497 Sortierung der Flüge in der Routenverwaltung

Posted by Norljus on 01.06.2013 - 08:54

Bitte die Flüge in der Routenverwaltung nach Abflugzeit anstatt nach der Flugnummer sortieren. Die Nummer ist doch vollkommen unwichtig.

#32092 Netzwerk-Map

Posted by Norljus on 22.03.2013 - 08:03

Ich glaube es gibt da einen Fehler in der Datenbank. Hyderabad (HYD) scheint zweimal mit verschiedenen Koordinaten drin zu sein.

#31618 benefits of Alliances

Posted by Norljus on 13.03.2013 - 13:31

There is one in game feature I would like: The option to set IL for members to auto accept. Some people just like to go for long holidays ...

#30566 Bei den Nachrichten ein Datum anzeigen.

Posted by Norljus on 20.02.2013 - 17:31

Mir fällt gerade noch eine Verbesserung für das Nachrichtensystem ein: Bei Pleiten und Betriebsaufgaben bitte anzeigen wo das Unternehmen beheimatet war.

#29207 Cabin config

Posted by Norljus on 01.02.2013 - 09:17

1) it is still good idea because it would allow us to play with configs for aircraft types, that are not in the fleet.

2) In the rating tab for a configuration display not only an overall rating but also the density and crew rating.

3) Separate the assignment of flight attendants form the installation of seats.