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In Topic: QUIMBY VIII: What the heck is going on??

30.11.2018 - 22:04

BAC-111/ROMAC 111 I was hoping for. 

In Topic: Speculation on the Iteration

28.11.2018 - 18:23

Talking of new game worlds, whats the new long term world going to be? I hope it still has stock market and its just another bog standard world with no additional rules. 

In Topic: Battle for Indonesia

21.11.2018 - 23:01

Sooo, Indonesien has declared bankruptcy. Now that I lost one of my main feeder, my LF suddenly dropped by around 10%

Thats the issue with not settling into a major hub

In Topic: Battle for Indonesia

16.11.2018 - 04:24

Finally getting around to do this - this is probably the biggest battle I have seen for a very long time (maybe since the Turkish battle on this very game world).

We currently have 6 major airlines, 2 of which are over 100 aircraft strong and 3 of which are over 60 aircraft strong, totaling over 600 aircraft based in the nation. This has of course led to some heated battles at the major airports in the country. Jakarta is a bloodbath, with 4 airlines with over 1,250 weekly departures. The airlines in this battle are as follows: 

Sky Indonesia
The largest airline, with 170 planes its got bases all over Indonesia and has mostly focused on the domestic market. It is the largest airline in terms of departures at Jakarta with 2,300 weekly and also the largest airline at most other airports in terms of market share. 

21 737-300
17 737-400
5   737-500 
4   737-600
30 737-700
35 737-800
32 737-900
27 757-200
Bases: Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali

Indonesian Airways
Second largest airline in terms of fleet. Indonesian airways operates an impressive fleet of 125 aircraft (Although at one point it did have over 130). It offers the most destinations of any of the airlines on this list, offering their passengers the most comprehensive route network in the country. 

1   A340-500
23 BAE-146-200
4   737-400
31 737-500
1   767-200
21 Fokker F28-4000 Fellowship
20 MD-81
24 MD-82
Bases: Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Medan

Indonesia's 3rd largest airline, IndoDash is purely based out of the countries capital in Jakarta airport. It is currently the 2nd largest carrier out of Jakarta (behind Sky Indonesia) in terms of weekly departures. Interestingly they are a independent airline with no current interlines with any other airline, it is still doing brilliantly with over 85% LFs. 

6   A320
10 A321
3   757-200
21  MD-81
36  MD-82
5    MD-88
5    MD-90
Bases: Jakarta

East Jet 
The fastest growing airline, East Jet is a fairly new player to the market and has focused on markets that have been missed by the other carriers. It currently has the largest international market share in the country, with flights to Australia, Philippines, Thailand amongst others. 

15    717
1      747
10    MD-81
24    MD-82
2      MD-88
26    MD-90
Bases: Jakarta, Bali 

The people's airline, it operates bases all over the country and has not focused purely on Jakarta like the other carriers. Its domestic route network is unmatched and this strategy has been a huge success. 

4    A320
4    A321
1    A330
16  ATR-42
5    ATR-72
6    717
12  MD-82
2    MD-83
1    MD-88
9    MD-90
Bases: Multiple

CRX Indonesia 
Regional airline based out Bali - flies a lot of routes that others dont due to their regional fleet. 

7   717
1   E-190
32 D328
3   MD-90
Bases: Bali

In Topic: Alternative thoughts on choosing hubs

04.11.2018 - 23:38

Oh yes, Ive seen airlines based out of Manston (1 bar in the UK 45min connection time) and london city, basel, milan linate etc etc its a fantastic way to beat the bigger airlines.

4 issues for me though:

1) Low AGEX use to cripple me when I had an airline based out of a smaller airport as you dont have the O&D to cover some of the loss and PAX use direct routes. Base yourself out of a  8/9/10 bar airport you never get that issue.
2) Prices, you have to maintain a slightly lower price than you could otherwise do to get the ORS rating to max which eats into profits. 
3) Smaller airports have less slots, so less chances of expanding and if you are based in a large market like USA, Europe, China etc, another player can just eat up your slots once you become a threat. 
4) I always end up moving over to a bigger airport when the time comes.