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#105604 Raising pay, faster development of the game !?

Posted by Eireann on 24.12.2017 - 00:03

Money is needed to develop games and these days its more and more expensive to do the simple things. If they need some revenue then they have the Internet at their disposal. 

Get more active on Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook etc. These are all free advertisements and you can get a small return of money back. Do update videos to make people know what is actually going on behind the scenes - some user engagement with the management team is badly needed - some of the comments on here highlight the need for some clarity. As a plus you can easily make £500-£800 p/m off 1.5k views per video on youtube/twitch - ive done it. I know its not a lot but its something that can go towards the development of the game. 

Then Push the boat out!! Pay aviation based youtubers/twitchers like Jeff Favignano (who plays aviation based games as well as simulators) to do a 10 part series of Airlinesim, he gets minimum 30-40k views a video - there are others as well. 

Also do fund raisers, like give people the choice of spending an £2 extra on their credit buys each month - £1 goes towards charity, £1 goes towards the development of the game and once they hit a target that month like £500 then give the "winner" 2500 free credits extra and make a fuss of it to get more people doing it. 

So many ways to increase the monthly revenue 

Then set up system for updates, do loads and loads of updates  and leak them out week by week to keep people interested. Dont just lump them all in one go. A330 update one day, new plane the next day, system update the next day and have a backlog of updates to come out regularly to keep people interested and make videos/tweets/facebook posts about it!! 

Rant over - I wish I could talk to some of the developers! Id love to just sit down and smack out some ideas (I know all the above is trivial without actually knowing the mechanics of how the game works) 

#105602 Ilyushin il-144 - Production.

Posted by Eireann on 23.12.2017 - 23:31

According to Wiki - its now resumed production- the pretty little Uzbekistani plane! 

edit- Il-114

#104153 New Gameworld

Posted by Eireann on 25.10.2017 - 23:37

I dont like temp servers. People complain on here all the time that its impossible to start a new airline in an old world. Yes its difficult but its not hard either. Temp worlds are full of people that dont play tactically or realistically and it ruins the game. I myself have restarted so many times on older servers until I get it right and when you do its brilliant. 

Then you see the people who create a brand new airline in LHR with 3% slots and no connections and terrible ORS getting annoyed when their LHR to NY flights are not filling up and come on here and complain about it being impossible under the "But look LHR to NY in real life is the busiest international route" argument and blames everyone else as well as the game for that. 


#103955 What are peoples favourate aircraft to use Part 1 - Short haul

Posted by Eireann on 20.10.2017 - 15:37

Loving the amount of votes. Im very surprised at the A320-737 result. 

#103805 about 3 bug in game

Posted by Eireann on 09.10.2017 - 15:00

1) Nothing wrong with the 220 seat capacity - a normal config for a -900 is 150-170 with business class seats - 737-700 not really sure what you are saying about that? 

2)  ARJ21...really? Not really a big deal to be honest.


3) The stop time includes taxing and slots times, from the moment of touchdown - taxi - unboarding - boarding - call up - taxi - takeoff - in reality a regional jet will only be a little bit shorter in time, maybe even less than 10 minutes than a 737/A320 - thats why you see more of them at the bigger airports. 

All three of these are really nit picking. Far bigger fish to fry for the makers of this game than this. 

#102053 Beechcraft King Air

Posted by Eireann on 12.08.2017 - 17:04

I would really love it if these were introduced into the game for a regional airline. 

King Air 350i

King Air 350ER

King Air 250

King Air C90GT


Variant 250[84] 350i[85]/350ER[86] Crew 1-2 Capacity 10 11 Length 43 ft 10 in / 13.36 m 46 ft 8 in / 14.22 m Span 57 ft 11 in / 17.65 m Height 14 ft 10 in / 4.52 m 14 ft 4 in / 4.37 m Cabin L × W × H 16'8" × 4'6" × 4'9"
5.08 × 1.37 × 1.45 m 19'6" × 4'6" × 4'9"
5.94 × 1.37 × 1.45 m Weights MTOW 13,420 lb / 6,087 kg 15,000 lb / 6,804 kg
ER: 16,500 lb / 7,484 kg OEW[a] 8,830 lb / 4,005 kg 9,955 lb / 4,516 kg
ER: 9,455 lb / 4,289 kg[b] Useful load 4,670 lb / 2,118 kg 5,145 lb / 2,334 kg
ER: 7,145 lb / 3,241 kg Engines Engine type (2×) PWC PT6A-52 PWC PT6A-60A Power or Thrust 850 shp / 625 kW 1,050 shp / 783 kW Performance Maximum Cruise 310 kt / 574 km/h 312 kt / 578 km/h
ER: 303 kt / 561 km/h Ferry Range 1,720 nm / 3,185 km 1,806 nm / 3,345 km
ER: 2,670 nm / 4,945 km Takeoff 2,111 ft / 643 m[c] 350i: 3,300 ft / 1,006 m Ceiling 35,000 ft / 10,668 m



#100774 Franchise Agreements

Posted by Eireann on 22.06.2017 - 21:09

Around the world but mostly in America you see airlines like SkyWest who are franchisees of a bigger airline. Could this be implemented into the game somehow? Like one airline A is a regional airline and can have contracts with bigger airlines to feed their hub? 

#100426 1 bar airport hub

Posted by Eireann on 14.06.2017 - 01:35

ill give it a go, doubt itll work! 

#100411 1 bar airport hub

Posted by Eireann on 13.06.2017 - 01:45

Ive found Manston in the UK, thats why I was asking, 45min transfer! 

#100271 Cheap lease practice

Posted by Eireann on 07.06.2017 - 14:54

So based off 2000 players 5.6% of the players voted yes and 2.7% voted against. Needs to get more people to vote on it. 

#100108 737 Max

Posted by Eireann on 01.06.2017 - 02:22

Blind love for anything in the world, is sweet but foolish. A vs B doesnt really matter. Its a duopoly, yes they are in competition with each other but they also work together to monopolise the industry between them. As for MAX vs NEO, you could argue to the end of time why one is better than the other, but with 3700 orders for the MAX and 5000 orders for the NEO, both companies are raking in the £££$$$. Right now NEO is getting more market share, but the Boeing 737 as a model has been the most successful aircraft in commercial history. The market share will go to airbus for the next few years, does it matter ? No. 

Being a B or A fan is great, just live in the real world and stop fan girling. 

#99985 737 Max

Posted by Eireann on 27.05.2017 - 13:29

It's made its first commercial flight, cannot wait to see it in the game. Wonder when it will be in the game? and how good itll be vs the NEO. 

#99692 Cheap lease practice

Posted by Eireann on 16.05.2017 - 20:10

Well, there already is this thing what you call "competition panel" and it's called User Advisory Board. And UAB along with AS support had determined that cheap leases are not illegal. Plus, look at the voting at the header of this thread. Do we need to drag this further?

 How many players play this game in total ?

#99686 Cheap lease practice

Posted by Eireann on 16.05.2017 - 16:17

I reckon the best compromise would be implementing a rule whereby you could only lease aircraft from player accounts after 3 months of services. That way you dont get "new" players setting up with 50-100 planes worth 100 million in a week and destroying an established player whose done it by the book with no help. This would make players setting up in areas of the world that already have huge airlines, think twice, surviving 3 months at a base of a huge airline would be good going and then they can receive extra help when they are established.

I also reckon a "competition panel" could also decide whether in game deals and trades are with the right intentions (like real life). You can appeal to the competition panel if you are affected by some of these "cheap leases" and the panel could either give all the aircraft back to the lessor, some of them to make it fair, or if they feel its fine then nothing at all. 

Of course I know its not as simple as that, it takes coding and all that. But this way cheap leasing can still occur and its fairer? thoughts?

#96650 New Booking Classes and Monopolies

Posted by Eireann on 10.03.2017 - 01:28

There should be more fluctuation in passengers. Lets say the demand between A and B is 100 pax per day. It should be 50-100, some days are 51 some days are 84, others 120. A week LF for this flight with 100 seats could be:

Monday 88%
Tuesday 76%
Wednesday 90%
Thursday 95%
Friday 100%
Saturday 73%
Sunday 50%

Learn patterns and stuff like that for certain routes. However I know this isnt easy to implement and quite frankly AS system is already miles ahead from any other airline simulation game out there. We should be thankful for what we have and look forward to the future rather than criticising it.