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Light, Dark or Classic?

12.01.2018 - 23:43

A little bit of fun - what visual theme does everyone tend to use?

Market Analysis tool

27.12.2017 - 15:50

Whenever I have had an airline and looked at the competition on a route, the highest number of tickets available for any competitor seems to be "9". Yet I look at LF from the statistics page and some of my competitors are only 75% full, others 85% whilst I am 90%+ and it shows that I have more tickets available than them ?

Ilyushin il-144 - Production.

23.12.2017 - 23:31

According to Wiki - its now resumed production- the pretty little Uzbekistani plane! 

edit- Il-114

Ellinikon Buy, lease & Sell thread

12.12.2017 - 08:45

As we know this server is notorious for a lack of 2nd hand aircraft. 

Whether this works id still like to try this thread. 

In this thread you can ask players for aircraft - let players know when you are putting aircraft up for sale/lease, ask to negotiate prices etc etc. 

I think this would be a great thread for newbie players, and players who might need to let some aircraft go out on lease during low AGEX. 


Trivial change......$99.99?

13.11.2017 - 16:23

How about having pence/cents or whatever in the prices - so you can set a ticket price of £99.99 rather than 99 or 100? Its trivial I know but id like it. Increasing prices by 0.5 AS would be good.