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Change name of Terminals to.....

17.07.2018 - 15:18

Lounges, or ground handling or gate space. I hate seeing heathrow with 22 terminals, it ruins the realistic element of the game. However gate space, lounges and handling is all realistic as airlines in the real world do this.

Airbus A220-300

10.07.2018 - 14:28

Official, Cseries 300 is rebranded as the Airbus A220-300. Not sure about the CSeries 100 name yet. 

Will we see a name change? 

Playing styles/Experience hypothetical questions?

08.07.2018 - 23:13

Some questions I have about tactics in this game vs competition. 

I recently have gotten good enough at the game to start going head to head with strong competition and would love some ideas/tips on a few things. 

One thing that has me wondering what other players would do is:

You set up in country A hubbing out of XYZ, with several competitors. You start with a limited number of planes like normal, lets say 5 737-700s. Now you know that the route XYZ to 123 will always fill up due to real life knowledge and the fact that their is lots of flights completely booked by your competitors on the ORS/Market analysis tool. Its a key route for any airline operating in Country A. You send 3 planes on this route and they all fill up like you expect and make 5000AS in profit each flight. This route also has the most connections connection outbound and inbound on your flights.

Now you set up different routes with your other aircraft. XYZ to ABC is not a flight done by your competitors and makes 15000AS in profit each flight LF99%. You know the demand on this flight isnt anywhere close to the previous XYZ to 123 flight.

My question is, do you take some flights away from the original flight to get the profit or do you maintain your market presence on the major route in the country, knowing that eventually your competition will follow you to the ABC flight and to get the connections? 



Newest Battle - Mexico

17.06.2018 - 18:52

Huge battle for Mexico at the moment, main airline went under about 2 months ago leaving the entire market open.

Currently there are 10 similarly sized airlines all fighting for the market. The main aircraft of choice has been the A319/20 family. We have 8 airlines soley based out Mexico City, 1 airline out of both Guadalajara and Mexico city and the other out of Cancun. Its going to be very interesting to see who survives, who fights till the end and who becomes victorious. The 10 airlines are with some info are:

Kingler Air Mexico: 
-  Base: Mexico City
 - Fleet: 16 x A320s 1 x A319 1 x 737-600 Total: 18
-  Fully based out of Mexico City airport, they are using full service and best seats serving the most destinations of any airline so far and are just the market leader in front of AirMex and they are expanding quickly.

- Bases: Guadalajara, Mexico City
- Fleet: 1 x A321 13 x A320s 1 x A319 1 x A300B4 1 x A340-300 Total: 17

-  AirMex has two main hubs, one out of Guadalajara and the other is out of Mexico City. They also serve direct routes from Cancun as well. They have an interesting fleet with a couple of widebodies thrown in there and are doing very well. 

Dahlia Airlines
- Bases: Mexico City
- Fleet: 7 x A319s 4 x A320s Total 11 
- 2nd biggest airline out of the capital, Dahlia is offering top service and best seats available to domestic destinations. They also serve a few direct routes out of Cancun showing interest outside of capital. 

Aztec Airlines
- Bases: Mexico City
- Fleet: 10 x Fokker 100s  Total 10

- Quickly expanding with a fleet of Fokker 100s, Aztec airlines offers the 2nd most destinations in the country so far and is the 4th biggest airline in terms of weekly departures out of Mexico city. 


- Bases : Mexico City

- Fleet: 8 x A320s Total: 8
- One of the newer airlines, setting up with a fleet of 2nd hand A320s and competing directly on the biggest domestic routes. 

Sun Air Mexico

- Bases: Mexico City
- Fleet 7 x A319 Total: 7

- Another new airline joined in the fun and based themselves out of Mexico City. They have focused on the biggest demand routes like Cancun and Monterey rather than the number of destinations. 


- Bases: Mexico City

- Fleet 2 x A321 2 x TU-204 Total: 4

- Airline with an interesting choice of aircraft, the TU204 operating a hub operation out of Mexico City like the others. They have the best seats and service available for the aircraft and routes they operate.

Cancun Connect

- Bases: Cancun

- Fleet 3 x CS300 1 x A319 Total: 4

- The only airline not operating a hub operation out of Mexico city, they have found a Niche so far, operating routes where they have a monopoly. Surely its a matter of time before the top 3 airlines base a couple of planes out of Cancun and compete with them. Time will tell how Cancun connect play this one out. 

Mexico Vuela

- Bases: Mexico City
- Fleet: 3 x 737-800s
- A small airline, operating a shuttle type service between Cancun, Mexico City, Monterry and Guadalajara. 

There is also a inactive airline with 4 717s that havent set up routes yet called Aerolineas de Mexico. No information them yet other than they are bases in Mexico City as well. 


2 Airlines leading the pack, AirMex and Kingler Air Mexico with 17 and 18 planes respectfully. Dahlia Airlines just in behind. Its a little bit of a bloodbath at the moment. 

MX ratio below 50%

29.05.2018 - 13:26

I just got a plan with 49% MX, scheduled some flights hoping that in the next day the ratio will go up after some Maintenance but nothing, been 2 days now and all flights are getting canceled. How do you get around this? 3 days in advance scheduling?