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#114383 Adding plane types

Posted by Tal0n on 28.11.2018 - 20:32

Talk about raising thread from the dead LOL.

#113476 Flight attendant configuration

Posted by Tal0n on 13.10.2018 - 18:21

There is a requirement to have a minimum of 1 FA per 50 PAX. Think of them as general FA who take care of all the passengers, and then if you want a better rating you can assign additional FA to specific class.

The legal requirement is why it’s automatic, the alternative would be coding so that the plane cannot fly without the minimum number of f/a. As far as I am concerned it’s fine, as I always determine the number of flight attendants anyway. The plane is only delivered with flight attendants, if you choose to use the comfort feature. Otherwise they are only hired once you install the seats. I don’t see it as a problem.

#113119 Introduction of new aircraft types

Posted by Tal0n on 26.09.2018 - 19:11

I know, "soon" can be a very flexible term and it's annoying when something doesn't got to plan and happens a lot less soon than expected.
But who knows, maybe this time it's sooner than you think ;)

As the launch customer for the E2 on Idlewild, I would like to thank the team for getting this aircraft in service.

Better late than not at all.

#113074 Introduction of new aircraft types

Posted by Tal0n on 24.09.2018 - 20:16

Agreed, but at present rate of introduction I thought perhaps a nudge was in order LOL.

#113058 Miami Watson Island airport

Posted by Tal0n on 23.09.2018 - 20:29

They were going to introduce Sea/Float planes, but there was an announcement some time ago that that project had been cancelled. I was sorry to hear it because I wanted to fly some, but lately, I’d just be happy if new aircraft made it into the game....

#112359 Introduction of new aircraft types

Posted by Tal0n on 22.08.2018 - 19:47

OK, I’m a pretty patient guy, but C’mon......

#111826 Time to say Goodbye

Posted by Tal0n on 27.07.2018 - 18:39

Only best wishes for you inyour future endeavours. If you decide to return, know that you will be welcomed.
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#111747 Something that would be extremely useful....

Posted by Tal0n on 24.07.2018 - 19:29

Would be a new drop down in the stations section. As it stands you can choose the countries you have stations in, but you cannot narrow it down to State/Province. For example in Brazil, we have numerous states. It would be nice, to be able to drop down one more level, making it easier to plot a filler flight. I’m not sure how difficult this would be, but I am sure many would appreciate it.

#111648 The Pride Group of Companies Press

Posted by Tal0n on 21.07.2018 - 18:17

How is the Pride Group of Companies doing these days? Thank you for asking!

American Pride Air has continued to exapand it’s network in the US. We recently expanded into TPA to some excellent success. Our original Regional Brand failed, but that happens, and we have recently been able to re-hire all the people involved and more. We also launched American Pride Express, which is doing much better. We will continue to bring our unique combination of High-End service, and social consciousness to the world. To that end we recently launched an Embraer E-190 with a special “F*ck Trump” livery. It’s been a popular move with some people ;)

Mexican Pride Air and it’s subsidiaries continue to do well in Central America. Macaw Air in Honduras is performing well, Island Pride Air continues to bring many passengers from Europe to Barbados, and Caribbean Pride hops around the islands of the Caribbean.

Australian Pride Air recently took over flights from the now defunct Outback Pride, this has made for a nice bump in profitability.

Another recent addition to the fold is KuruKuru Air. Based in the beautiful Solomon Islands.

That’s a quick update, we’ll be back again with what we hope will be exciting news soon!

#111555 Request for return of a leasing return

Posted by Tal0n on 15.07.2018 - 09:56

I have two leasing companies, and I have only ever cancelled one lease. It was with my direct competitor, and I gave him a weeks notice before cancelling, which I thought was fair. This gave him two weeks of use which I sincerely hope was enough time for him to replace the aircraft with a minimal loss. Having said that, I too have been the “victim” of cancellation without notice, it sucks.

#111141 Hello! - Looking for some more specific advice. / A rant about My first f...

Posted by Tal0n on 29.06.2018 - 20:27

Apologies for not being able to add much to this thread. However, I do have one point:
If you decide to continue operating a Cuban airline, international routes to Canada are incredibly lucrative. HAV-YYZ and HAV-YUL are routes that make a bunch of money (if there's limited competition, of course).
I've run a Cuban airline before, so feel free to PM me if you'd like. Best wishes to you, and a very warm welcome to AirlineSim!

This is excellent advice, start with smaller jets on these flights, I would recommend SSJs as they are relatively inexpensive and have excellent range. I would suggest that you interline with a Canadian Airline as well. A smart operator with a Canadian Airline should be willing to IL with an airline in Cuba as both will benefit. As the flights get busy, be prepared to upgrade to larger aircraft. HAV to YYZ and YUL should, at some point, be able to support 321 or 739. YYZ should be able to support multiple dailies. Another lucrative market is Cuba to Mexico.

#111084 Add premium economy class

Posted by Tal0n on 27.06.2018 - 00:41

I too, have put hundreds of Euros(Dollars) into this game. I am content with the pace of development. The new booking classes have been in the works, and when they have them finalized we will see them. If they put this class in without all the appropriate demand calculations, it simply wouldn’t work, so I’ll wait.
If you are that unhappy, there’s always the option to walk away.

#110050 The big thread of opportunities!

Posted by Tal0n on 08.05.2018 - 01:57

Yes, Diamond Star Members are very willing to help startups in CCS or in India. We can offer advice, and perhaps some inexpensive aircraft.


Posted by Tal0n on 11.03.2018 - 17:21

There’s no “fine” but it will only expire 1 week after delivery, and you’ll make one payment on it.
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#107293 The Pride Group of Companies Press

Posted by Tal0n on 13.02.2018 - 20:23

It’s been a while so let’s have an update shall we?

American Pride Air had a tough time during startup, but I am pleased to say that it is now doing well. Our main hub at MDW is doing very well, and our focus city at SLC is also performing closer to expectations. Our growth will continue to be slow and steady. We also recently launched Pride Regional as a way to provide service to smaller cities. With a fleet of ERJs, CRJs and SSJs we can provide economical and luxurious all jet services.

Mexican Pride Air has continued to grow as well. We waved good bye to our fleet of 747-400s a while back and replaced them with Boeing’s beautiful 787 series, we also trimmed down out fleet of 747-8i, but will continue to operate a small fleet for the foreseeable future, both because the ones we have are doing very well for us, and because our CEO loves the Queen.

Pride Express Air has also continued its growth in a slow and steady pattern at both its hubs in GDL, and MTY. We did have a fleet change at Express from the Bombardier C-Series to Embraers wonderful E-Jets. They are working very well for us as we tend to fly shorter routes with Express. The C-Series will of course continue to be used at Mexican Pride Air.

Hummingbird Air was created to Operate ERJs in Mexico, as well as Bombardiers excellent Dash 8 Aircraft. We also recently added a small number of Antonov An148s for evaluation, and they seem to be doing well.

Australian Pride Air has gone Long-Haul with a combination of A345 and A346 Aircraft, they seem to be doing quite well, and we will be evaluating options for renewal in the future.

Our two leasing companies are also doing quite well and we hope they will continue to do so in the future.

Our most recent venture has been starting service with Island Pride Air. This airline is based in the beautiful island country of Barbados. Providing flights across the Caribbean and long hauls to Europe for Europeans wanting a beautiful Island vacation. We are in the process of a full update of our flight equipment with this airline and we hope that it will be successful.

The Pride Group of Companies thanks you for your time in reading this, and don’t worry, we’ll probably do something crazy soon.