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In Topic: Missing slots issue

Yesterday, 14:42

Local!! ;)

They can be switched between UTC and local, actually.

Though I guess the flight date error depends upon with which time used the airline is set up.

In Topic: Missing slots issue

Yesterday, 14:35

Actually, Jan, your flight departs at 00.00 UTC and the offset flight departs 23.59 UTC. You can ser this if you aveces your airline's flight schedule without logging in to server (without logging in, all displayed times are UTC).

In Topic: Missing slots issue

Yesterday, 03:57

Departure time validity has nothing to do with missing slots. You get that, if a flight crosses the date. The same flight number can't be on two different days.


What you mean to say is that the same flight number cannot be at two different times in one day, which can happen if departure offset crosses the UTC 00.00 time line.

In Topic: Missing slots issue

18.10.2017 - 15:22

There are two possibilities usually happening, one is the slot window is overbooked, and second one is slot is there but not showing.

In the first possibility, if you switch flight plan, there is nothing that can be done as simply there are e.g. 11 slots on a 10 slot airport in that particular slot window.if you decide to not move schedule, you can actually count additional slot in that particular slot window when you do manual count on airport's slot page.

The second possibility is the better case scenario, that the shoudl-be-free slot is not showing up, in such case slot refresh can help.

Of you click a flight affected with slot issue, and you do not click to save it but rather click away, that flight and slot on the original aircraft is not affected.

In Topic: AGEX

17.10.2017 - 15:30

It is global, for the whole game world. AGEX values and ranges are different on each game world, though they all follow the same up and down trend, with different variations, at different times.

The only thing that is the same across all the game worlds is the fuel price.