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In Topic: ┬┐Produktionsrade der Sukhoi Superjet?

Today, 03:55

And Bombardier CRJ 30 to 35 as well... If anything, CRJ should eb increased to 30+ hours as well.

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Today, 00:37

There is a lot of logic in AS. Maybe the AS logic does not correspond 100% to real life logic, but it's a simulation so it simulates certain aspects as best as it can while some others may be a bit lacking. But there is a very strong logic in how AS operates indeed.

It takes a lot of time and effort to find part of this logic, and another important task is also getting to know people.

Once you find 50% of logic on your own, you will run an OK airline. Then, alliances will accept you and within alliances if you are lucky and alliance members are helpful and communicate a lot, you could get to learn the other 50% of the logic.

It will not be done overnight, prepare yourself that it can take you to be able to run an OK airline a year, and in 2 years maybe you can be getting invitation to alliances where more knowledge will likely be revealed.

In Topic: Please change the Production rate of russian Planes (Superjet)

Yesterday, 16:31

It goes by the aircraft family, not an individual aircraft model. And no, it is not possibly to have different airlines have different delivery times of the same aircraft model based just on the number of airplanes that airline is operating.

In Topic: Please change the Production rate of russian Planes (Superjet)

Yesterday, 15:15

I agree with you. It is unjust that SSJ had 24 deliveries last year versus 25 at CRJ and it has production time so long. And even E70/90 series has production time longer than CRJ, while there were 125 E70/E90 series deliveries last year. Either SSJ should be adjusted to 12 or 15 hour maximum, or CRJ production time should be increased to the same value as SSJ.

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15.03.2018 - 18:47

The following search terms are not allowed and were removed from your query: ipo ...

Well well