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In Topic: HT and UTC

17.09.2018 - 02:49

Nothing bad would happen. All your flights would be shown in UTC.

In Topic: HT and UTC

16.09.2018 - 23:12

And if you want to set up airline outside of the USA and still want to use EST, set up a holding in your country of choice outside the USA, then set up a sub with HQ in any US eastern time zone city. Your sub will inherit holding's traffic rights,but use USA EST zone.

In Topic: HT and UTC

16.09.2018 - 23:09

Set up an airline with HQ in eastern time zone and use HT and your times will be EST.

In Topic: HT and UTC

16.09.2018 - 23:08


In Topic: How do you organize a huge fleet?

14.09.2018 - 16:46

By hub and short / long haul.

For example IAD, IAD LH, ORD, ORD LH