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#108700 Please change the Production rate of russian Planes (Superjet)

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on Yesterday, 15:15

I agree with you. It is unjust that SSJ had 24 deliveries last year versus 25 at CRJ and it has production time so long. And even E70/90 series has production time longer than CRJ, while there were 125 E70/E90 series deliveries last year. Either SSJ should be adjusted to 12 or 15 hour maximum, or CRJ production time should be increased to the same value as SSJ.

#108637 Idlewild is waiting for you with opportunities

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 16.03.2018 - 15:53

If you are still undecided where to start, Idlewild could be your place.


The gameworld has exciting opportunities in these markets:


South Korea







Please contact me via in-game PM for leasing opportunities of cheap aircraft at 10% lease price.

#108578 ipo

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 15.03.2018 - 18:47

The following search terms are not allowed and were removed from your query: ipo ...

Well well


#108291 Neue Holding / Unternehmen mit großer Flotte wegen 10% Leasing

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 09.03.2018 - 23:20


No, the number of pages of this thread does not speak of anything, foes not show anything, and definitely does not show a large number rod players being against 10% leasing, or 10% leasing being bad. Why? Because it's not 200 players on tributo g over 17 pages and hundreds of posts, it's the same 4 posters speaking against cheap leasing (Georgiano, Miki, Viennabert, Saben Express) , and 4 posters for it (Highscore, kunibert06, Jumper, rubiohiguey2000). This is not a "long and thoughtful" discussion, this is going in circles 20x. Stop making this thread something that it is not. This is a kindergarten with a merry-go-round and 8 kids sitting on it, spinning in circles, already with 17 rounds counted. That's what it is. This thread can go on for 17 more pages and it will still not change anything. What a waste of time for everyone writing here.

#108150 Neue Holding / Unternehmen mit großer Flotte wegen 10% Leasing

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 06.03.2018 - 12:21

In den Regeln steht es eindeutig:


3.1 Fairer Wettbewerb

Jeder Spieler hat Anspruch auf einen fairen Wettbewerb. Alle Aktivitäten einer Holding sollten mit dem Ziel stattfinden, einen Gewinn zu erzielen.


Es gibt dann noch 3.4 Preisdumping, wo lediglich Ticketpreise erwähnt werden. Ich finde es aber durchaus legitim, diesen Paragraphen auf jede Art von Geschäften anzuwenden.


When you say A, also say B, please. You are exactly like a politician, telling only half-truth.Or telling only part that is convenient, while "omitting" to say the part that is not. the rule  completely reads: Every player has the right to fair competition. All activities your holding is involved in should be with the intention of making a profit. Running a holding or enterprise with the sole intention of damaging other companies, or bullying other players is forbidden.


The part that reads "with the sole intention" is the key. What would be prohibited: If I set up a holding or company that takes leases on 30 x 737-300 classics, 30 years old, and floods MIA-MCO or JFK-BOS 8 times a day with no maintenance and under-the-minimum prices.


For as long as the holding or airline is profitable or its activities are profitable in overall terms (I lease out to you cheap but I get access to the market, or I lease out to you cheap and I assure the company does not interline with my competitor, or I lease out to you cheap and you provide me some slots I need...+ 100 other possible scenarios). so for as long as the overall operation is profitable, nobody is violating any rules. It was also said the past when someone (maybe the same player?) tried to used part 3.1 without quoting  the complete rule, that if you take the first part out and don't say the second part, then running an airline with e.g. 50 flights that make loss (all the while while running 5000 more flight that make huge profit) would be violation of that rule. That's the reason why the rule has addendum, the second part, which this poster Fluggast07, conveniently omits to mention.

#107957 Neue Holding / Unternehmen mit großer Flotte wegen 10% Leasing

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 01.03.2018 - 19:39

@Georgiano - There is not much more to say here, this thread can be closed now. It has been said over and over during the years, every time this comes up year after year, with regularity same as Easter or Christmas, that 10% leasing is legal. Unless UAB agrees that a rule change is appropriate, it is a waste of bandwidth to discuss it any further.

#107496 Using Same Flightnumber

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 19.02.2018 - 19:55

You are confusing it with real world airlines using the same flight number for return leg, so A-B-A is the same flight number. But this is not possible in AirlineSim.

#107487 How Are Airlines Cheating Now?

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 19.02.2018 - 16:44

Why is that absurd? I am self employed. I have a number of customers. The amount of money I make from my customers varies. Is it absurd to believe that I may tend to treat those customers who pay me more than others a little differently? Really absurd? Again, I'm not saying it is happening here. But the idea is far from being absurd. It's just capitalism.

If there was any preference or complacency for players paying more (which there is not), any such complacency would most definitely be for legally increased payments such as playing on 5 different servers, rather than a Multiaccount with 5 holdings. That approximates more to your own business experience and "capitalism". It is also possible a player paying 400 euro per month for a private server might get a response from support slightly bit earlier than a player spending 5 euro per month, but in no way do multi accounts get looked over and ignored just because the same credit card funds a phobited activity.

#107280 In-game EAS

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 13.02.2018 - 12:27

This would not make sense in AS.


In real life USA, EAS exists because service to those small airports is unprofitable and nobody wants to fly there willingly (taking commercial risk).


In AS, even one bar airports can be very profitable if nobody flies there. And for the one bar airports to turn not profitable, there must be multiple airlines flying there, reducing profits for everyone. But when you have multiple airlines flying there, the airport is already served by these airlines taking commercial risk willingly, so the airport would not qualify for EAS status anyway, As you see, this is Airlinesim Catch-22, and as such, would not make sense implementing in AS.

#106972 How long before we can acquire a loan?

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 03.02.2018 - 17:37

Purchased aircraft, terminals and seats count as accepted equity to qualify for loans. Aircraft deposits and cash in bank do not.

#105803 Help for a new player...

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 01.01.2018 - 03:50

From GRU, you can run flights every 15 minutes to GIG, SDU, BSB, CNF, POA, CWB, REC, FOR, SSA, MAO.

#105673 Market Analysis tool

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 27.12.2017 - 22:46

Comes from real world reservation systems, where availability of 9+ seats will show as 9, anything less will show as real number. No big science or conspiracy or complicated formula into it.

#105658 Flugzeug Modelle

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 27.12.2017 - 15:07

Weil E95 gut genug ist, während E70 und E75 ziemlich schlecht waren, und E90 wurde auch eine sehr leichte Verbesserung gegeben, um es von E95 zu unterscheiden.

Because E95 is good enough, while E70 and E75 were quite bad, and E90 was given also very slight improvement to differentiate it from E95.

#105635 More important for a new game world: profit margin or passengers transported?

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 25.12.2017 - 23:40

What matters always the most is the almighty $, the more you have the faster you can expand.

#104843 Battle for Turkey II

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 22.11.2017 - 16:52

Yeah we need Season III. It may become popular like NCIS.