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#103913 Missing slots issue

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on Yesterday, 03:57

Departure time validity has nothing to do with missing slots. You get that, if a flight crosses the date. The same flight number can't be on two different days.


What you mean to say is that the same flight number cannot be at two different times in one day, which can happen if departure offset crosses the UTC 00.00 time line.

#103780 Kudos to the developers

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 06.10.2017 - 18:08

You are in a good place in BNA on Ellinikon. It's a great Airlinesim hub. I would suggest you start with smaller and cheaper aircraft, such as E95 or CS1. Stick to one type to start. Define wave times and stick to them. Use market analysis to see which routes out of BNA are full, there are some trunk routes where you can get many direct pax and pax connecting to other destinations through you. Connection rating depends substantially on time factor vs direct flight, try to schedule minimum connection time while observing airport minimum CT in the process. Strive for 99 ORS as ensures for direct flights, that will help you get a share of direct passengers. AS passengers connect only 2.5 times direct distance so EWR BNA IAD would result in 0 connecting passengers. Plan your first flights on east to west, west to east, north to south and south to north pattern. Make one wave go east, other wave go west, etc. Use AS Route Maps to visualize your airline and plan connections.

#103746 ORS Rating / EQ

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 05.10.2017 - 16:31

Yes it is.

Having said that though, lowering price or installing better seat can help you improve the first score which in certain instances, can help with rating of connecting flights. Sometimes, not always. The sometimes part is mainly in situations when the first flight product rating being a very low number.

ORS is very complex and the best way is to learn by trying and observing results.

#103741 ORS Rating / EQ

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 05.10.2017 - 15:41

Why is Flight A ranked above Flight B?



Because it departs earlier.

#103656 Some advice on my new airline

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 30.09.2017 - 19:21

Not to dissuade you, but several airlines in Bolivia on Idlewild came and went in the past couple of months. Unless you have strong knowledge of AS, this is uphill battle. i think you would do much better in IKA or AUH on Idlewidl than in Bolivia.

#103629 Connection Issues

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 29.09.2017 - 16:35

Because SVX-SVO-OSB is not a legal connection.

Exceeds 2.5 x direct distance limit.

http://www.gcmap.com...vo-ovb, svx-ovb

In other words, you cannot fly from Miami to Atlanta via London.

#103496 Difficulty level

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 22.09.2017 - 00:09

In real world nothing is more important than the price unless your company has some sort of contract with an specific airline. People just go to a site like skyscanner and take the cheapest flight which is suitable regarding departingtime and duration of the connection.

Well for this, you can play Airline Empires. It has a double price factor. The cheapest airline wins, so you keep changing prices every day until you get bored and leave. And second price factor, it's cheaper than Airlinesim (free), so there you go. Double the reason for you to play Airline Empires.
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#103100 Greece to Saudi

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 10.09.2017 - 18:43

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. What advice have I resisted?

About the interlines.

#103092 Greece to Saudi

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 10.09.2017 - 15:16

@TriffidPie - your interpretation of situation in JED/KWI/DXB is flawed.


  Destination Absolute Market share Change


1 Dubai 86,013 (-6,748) 12.90% +0.01 (+0.09%)


2 Jeddah 63,021 (-4,585) 9.45% +0.06 (+0.62%)


Looking on KWI airport statistics, this could indicate that many Jeddah passengers go to Dubai.

But thee is also a possibility eh simply has so strong connections that he gets many passengers originating west of Kuwait loaded into both his flights to Dubai and Jeddah. After all, Wawe Arabia has 5700+ departures in Kuwai, and count on top of that 600+ departures of Sphynx Kuwait, and with mutual interline they act as one airline out of KWI.


So is it 1) or is it 2) ?


Easy answer, by looking on other servers.

For example, Idlewild.


KWI airport statistics show, that

  Destination Absolute Market share Change


1 Dubai 63,527 (-3,469) 11.00% +0.30 (+2.80%)


2 Doha 41,283 (-2,076) 7.15% +0.22 (+3.23%)


3 Riyadh 34,385 (-1,915) 5.95% +0.16 (+2.70%)


4 Jeddah 29,012 (-1,765) 5.02% +0.11 (+2.20%)


We can see here that KWI-JED are 29,000 seats (and reverse JED KWI 29,350 seats) and KWI-DXB are 63,500 seats per week (and reverse DXB-JED 63,800). This means that even if all JED-KWI pax went to DXB (or all KWI-JED pax were arriving from DXB), they would still comprise less than 50% of traffic on KWI-DXB / DXB-KWI route.

So what would other 50% of that traffic be? Connections from West and North of Kuwait.


This leads to an important conclusion, and that is that the factor affecting your case are connections (and their lack thereof) from West and North of JED into DXB, or those connections are simply not competitive with megahub in KWI. In the Idlewild example above, the "best case" scenario for KWI airline would be to have 50% of passengers from KWI-JED route as going to or from DXB. The other 50 would be connections going someplace else than KWI. And in reverse, the KWI-DXB pax would be comprised only 25% as the "best case" scenario (best case for KWI airline) as originating from JED (or going to JED).


Conclusion: your problem is lack of connections from North and West of JED that would fill your flights to DXB, and the second problem, is the strong hub in KWI that gets pax who want to go from West of KWI (Africa and Europe) and North of KWI (Turkey, Middle East, Russia) t DXB. But your "problems" do not end there, there is also a huge hub in DOH (which I would say is competing with you more than the hub in KWI for connections to DXB, there are 88,000 seats from DOH to DXB and 20,000 to JED), and also a new airline that just started up in RUH will be your competitor or Saudi connections to DXB.


Airlinesim provides a lot of analytical tool itself, and when you couple them with AS Route Map (which is an excellent analytical tool to analyze passenger flows and connections), you can get pretty clear picture of what is going on.


Your best course of action: sign interlines with airlines in DOH, KWI, and other Arabic countries, such as Lebanon, Egypt, UAE, Iraq, Jordan etc. as well as in Europe. Any destination you fly to, should have a major interline partner (though AK would say to you you can do very well without interlines, but that can only experienced player such as AK do, you as a newbie would have no chance to survive without interlines).


Your problem is not that AS would be flawed. Your problem is you have so much strong competition in nearby hubs which suck all connecting passengers from West and North who could otherwise be traveling on your airline. Your only course of action right now is to sign interlines with those mega airlines, and become their feeder (for now, and if they wholeheartedly permit it), and as you generate cash cushion, you start adding flights especially to other Middle Eastern countries (with interlines there), and then flights to Europe (with interlines there), etc.

#102863 Image First Class F sinkt beständig - von Bedeutung?

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 02.09.2017 - 00:16

Service und Preise beeinflussen das Image nicht.

#102861 schmutzige spielweise

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 01.09.2017 - 23:52

Es ist interessant, dass es immer du bist, ImperatorNero und die Gruppe deiner Bauern, die immer gegen etwas sind, singen gleich wie die einzelnen Melodien, sei es die kleinen Maschinen, Slot Blocking Patch, erhöhte Landegebühren oder private Leasingverträge. Es ist immer du und die, die sich beschweren, immer die gleichen Leute. Ich sehe nicht, dass andere Spieler beschweren oder deine Ansichten und Ideen unterstützen, sondern immer die gleiche Gruppe von dir.

#102801 schmutzige spielweise

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 30.08.2017 - 14:51

Contract terms could be stipulated when offering aircraft for lease (default = current situation).

Options could be:
- minimum lease term
- notice period for cancelation (by either party)

Another great option would be to be able to modify lease price without cancelling contract and lease terms (length term, notice... of course with approval by lessee).

This would not require a complex screen for contract negotiation, because all of that could then be done by PM.

This would allow the required contract flexibility, but with a simple interface. I could for example negotiate to reduce the rates if lessee agrees to 2 year term with 3 months notice, even on ongoing lease.

#102794 Kurzfristiger Liquiditätsengpass vor Wochenabschluss beseitigbar?

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 30.08.2017 - 13:00

korrigiert mich, wenn ich mich irre, aber gehälter werden doch erst beim folgenden mal geändert. für die laufende geschäftswoche ist das gehalt fix.


und ob es nur das erste oder mehrere flieger sind, hängt davon ab, in welcher reihenfolge die leasinggebühren anfallen und wie hoch die sicherungsrücklage ist. diese bekommst du bei rückgabe des fliegers abzüglich der leasingrate zurück.


also als erstes eine pilatus zahlen und danch einen A380? Klingt so, als würdest du beide verlieren.

zwei 320er nacheinander und es wird nur ein flugzeug.


Gehaltsänderung wird sofort wirksam.

#102695 Peru is a great and exciting opportunity, this is your chance, NOW!

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 27.08.2017 - 20:04

Peru is really quite a good market. It allows you to run airlines with revenue of several hundred million AS$ and hundreds of aircraft, if and when fully developed.


Diamond Star invites you to participate in Peru on Idlewild. The current member has been idle and expressed his desire of possible exit. This is your chance!


We will select a player from interested candidates, fulfilling the required criteria:


- Understanding of AS is absolutely required. If you have to ask why you have no bookings or why your aircraft was grounded, sorry to say but you are not a candidate for this project (but we will gladly refer you to written and youtube tutorials and answer some tutoring questions by private message). You should be an AS players who knows how to play, and who wishes to run a great, profitable medium-to-large airline.

- You must demonstrate your AS history*

* If you have had several resets but keep trying, and have been with AS for at least 6 months, you are welcome to apply, we will teach you how to play.

- You must be willing to learn and be open to advice and implement strategy change

- You must have a commitment to Peru for at least 1 year

- You must be willing to actively participate in our Slack channel, and have data connection on PC/phone every day to do so

- Interest or curiosity in Latin America is a plus (it makes running a Latin airline easier)

- You must not have any personal bias against any current Diamond Star member


If you think you fulfill this criteria, please tell us something about yourself in a post below, replying to this thread. Please provide overview of your AS playing history, your past and present successes and failures, etc. If you have existing airlines on other servers, please link them.


We will make a selection in a few days (there is no specific deadline) and then inform you on how to proceed. The entry of the new airline will be coordinated with a wind down and gradual exit of the existing Diamond Star airline in Peru.

#102566 The big thread of opportunities!

Posted by rubiohiguey2000 on 24.08.2017 - 22:23

Chile on Idlewild just became open.

Any interested player is welcome to apply for help and support from Diamond Star, the largest alliance on Idlewild.