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Idlewild is waiting for you with opportunities

16.03.2018 - 15:53

If you are still undecided where to start, Idlewild could be your place.


The gameworld has exciting opportunities in these markets:


South Korea







Please contact me via in-game PM for leasing opportunities of cheap aircraft at 10% lease price.

Idlewild, Quimby down

13.09.2017 - 02:17

Inaccessible, 9.15 PM US ET, 3.15 AM CET

Peru is a great and exciting opportunity, this is your chance, NOW!

27.08.2017 - 20:04

Peru is really quite a good market. It allows you to run airlines with revenue of several hundred million AS$ and hundreds of aircraft, if and when fully developed.


Diamond Star invites you to participate in Peru on Idlewild. The current member has been idle and expressed his desire of possible exit. This is your chance!


We will select a player from interested candidates, fulfilling the required criteria:


- Understanding of AS is absolutely required. If you have to ask why you have no bookings or why your aircraft was grounded, sorry to say but you are not a candidate for this project (but we will gladly refer you to written and youtube tutorials and answer some tutoring questions by private message). You should be an AS players who knows how to play, and who wishes to run a great, profitable medium-to-large airline.

- You must demonstrate your AS history*

* If you have had several resets but keep trying, and have been with AS for at least 6 months, you are welcome to apply, we will teach you how to play.

- You must be willing to learn and be open to advice and implement strategy change

- You must have a commitment to Peru for at least 1 year

- You must be willing to actively participate in our Slack channel, and have data connection on PC/phone every day to do so

- Interest or curiosity in Latin America is a plus (it makes running a Latin airline easier)

- You must not have any personal bias against any current Diamond Star member


If you think you fulfill this criteria, please tell us something about yourself in a post below, replying to this thread. Please provide overview of your AS playing history, your past and present successes and failures, etc. If you have existing airlines on other servers, please link them.


We will make a selection in a few days (there is no specific deadline) and then inform you on how to proceed. The entry of the new airline will be coordinated with a wind down and gradual exit of the existing Diamond Star airline in Peru.

Idlewild and Croydon down

20.07.2017 - 01:19

Since at least 7pm US ET (one hour ago).

Both Idlewild and Croydon are down.

Ping does not come back and looks like both game worlds share the same IP so this would indicate either network issue for that server or sever problem itself.

Experienced (or semi-) player wanted

05.07.2017 - 23:45

Diamond Star, the largest alliance on Idlewild, is looking for a single experienced or at least semi-experienced player for a new project it has in development.


You will be provided with:

- Cheap new aircraft at 10%

- Interline agreements from the most comprehensive worldwide network of airlines

- Terminal buildings at -30% off

- Alliance support in terms of strategy


Interested players should contact via in-game message either of:





Please provide information about yourself, your history in AS, links to current airlines (if any) or other references. We will explain to you our project via messages in-game.